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The Topic of joint aches and pains is very personal to me. About six years ago I worked for the electric company as a meter reader. My job was to walk several miles a day typing numbers into handheld electric devices. I worked in the summer, the winter, the rain… you name it, I was out reading meters. During this time I was not nearly as health conscious as I am now. In fact, my diet consisted pretty much of microwave dinners, maybe a supplement or two (thanks to my mom caring enough for me) and potato chips! It was not a time in my life that I look back on as an enjoyable time.

During this time, I spent several hours a day walking and jumping fences to get my job done faster. Because I had very little nutrition in my diet and my shoe choice was less than ideal I deteriorated my joints in my knees fairly quickly. I worked at the job for a year and within that year I went from having no joint pain to having pain in my knee region on both sides with every single step. I wasn’t but 19 years old at the time. This was extremely frustrating because I didn’t know what to do about it, so I ended up quitting my job one day and never going back or giving any two week notice.

After this job I did various odd tasks to scrape by and not have to be in pain each day. Thankfully I started to eat healthier, more fruits and vegetables and discovered a few other treatments that completely healed my joint pain and aches in my knees. Here I am six years later 100% pain free. I have no pain in my knees at all ever and I have my strength back as well. These practices i’m going to share with you are what I personally used to heal my joint pain specifically in my knees but are useful for joint aches and pains anywhere in the body. The science backing these methods gets anywhere in your body because of your bloodstream.

I hope that these tips add value to your life and begin to give you relief immediately. I am sure that if I had understood this information beforehand it would have saved me months of aches and pain and it would have been so useful. Use this information, it does work and it will help. You just have to be consistent with your actions and you’ll begin to see positive changes and more fluidity in your body and joints.

1. Get A Magnetic Brace

One of my friends who is well versed in Chinese Medicine recommended that I try a knee brace to help with my knee pain. I was very skeptical of this brace with magnets in it considering how painful it was and my thoughts were how could a brace on my knee stop the knee pain? or help in any way? what do magnets do? Needless to say I started wearing the knee brace everyday as recommended and it helped tremendously. There are all sorts of magnetic braces for all parts of the body where you may be experiencing pain or aches. This was my personal experience and there isn’t much science backing any of this, because it’s not a profitable to back unfortunately! magnets are cheap. It worked well for me and I hope it does for you as well. My understanding is that the magnet surrounding your joint pain helps improve the magnetic field helping this area of the body work better. There is a lot of information online sharing that magnets help improve blood flow and circulation in specific ways. If you haven’t tried it out you can get a magnetic brace for around 20-50 bucks on amazon, it’s worth a shot.

2. Get More Sulfur In Your Diet

onions_garlic_800x356One of the changes I made was to take an MSM supplement, MSM is another name for the mineral sulfur. Sulfur is an extremely important mineral for the flexibility and fluidity of joints. It’s also beneficial for hair, skin and nails too. For me I began to take omica organics MSM supplement and noticed that this helped my knees heal and repair along with the other changes. You can take it in supplement form or eat more garlic, onion, broccoli and eggs are some of the richest food sources of sulfur to include in your diet more often. Sulfur is the third richest mineral in your body so if you’re deficient in this mineral your joints pay the price for it. Sulfur is a mineral crucial for healing joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Connective tissue and cartilage are dependent on having enough sulfur to heal and repair properly. I cannot emphasize this enough, i’m a huge fan of eating foods rich in sulfur and using a supplement to ensure I have enough. You will notice that your hair and nails grow faster on a good MSM supplement.

3. Get Hydrated More

Strawberry_splashAccording to 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. That’s the general population. I’d say there’s a 95%+ chance that you are dehydrated if you have joint pain in any area. I drink more water now than I used to and it’s helped tremendously. Hydration is one of the keys to healthy flow and movement within the body. If you are chronically dehydrated your body does not have the what it needs to keep your joints healthy. Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen particles within water work to lubricate your joints. Your joints need to be lubricated in order to receive adequate nutrition properly. Your joints will better utilize essential minerals, electrolytes and proteins to rebuild weak ligaments, cartilage, tendons and the whole joint system including the bone itself! I recommend drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of water each day to stay hydrated. Meaning, if you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 75 ounces of water each day. I also highly recommend drinking pure raw unpasteurized coconut water. This is one of the fastest ways to hydrate your body and helps improve the health of your blood to deliver important nutrients to your joints.

4. Eat More Healthy Fats

Water not only works to lubricate joints but healthy fats such as omega 3 help to lubricate joints as well. There are many studies pointing to the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and the benefits to joint health. They help to lubricate joints as well as to reduce inflammation surrounding the joints. Some of the top omega 3 foods are pumpkin seeds, walnuts, acai berries, flax seeds, chia seeds, herring, mackerel, halibut, oysters, salmon, trout and sardines. Include these in your diet more often… Organic of course!

5. Eat Nitric Oxide Boosting Foods

Nitric oxide is a a molecular compound composed of one part nitrogen and one part oxygen that your body produces to improves circulatory function. It’s newly discovered but the science so far shows that more nitric oxide is a good thing. I had the privilege to interview one of the top nitric oxide experts on the planet on the healthy wild and free podcast and he shared that many NBA players and teams are using nitric oxide supplements. They’re on the hard floor using their joints quite often! You can listen to that interview here. Thankfully there are specific whole foods that boost nitric oxide! All you have to do is get them in your diet more often. The best foods to eat to boost nitric oxide are organic beets, cacao (dark chocolate), watermelon, pomegranate, walnuts (again), brown rice and spinach.

6. Improve Protein Metabolism With…

BRA-00132-1Proteins and amino acids are essential for keeping joints healthy and strong. If you want to rid your joints of aches and pains you need good healthy whole food sources of amino acids and protein in your diet. Foods like organic nuts, seeds, eggs, meat etc. All organic and free range if you eat animal products. The issue though is not necessarily eating foods that have protein and amino acids in them but actually assimilating, absorbing and properly metabolizing them to get the full benefit of them. I recommend adding a spoonful of bragg’s apple cider vinegar to a small glass of water and drinking that each day. ACV has valuable minerals and acids that help with the breakdown and digestion of proteins which in tern help support your joints. Organic pineapple is also a great fruit to eat to improve protein digestion. It contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein very well.

7. Eat Turmeric

3769698051_1f05599759_oTurmeric is one of natures most powerful healing spices. I love it and am an adamant advocate of including it in your diet for many reasons! It’s beneficial for brain health and so many things but the real benefit for joint health is that it’s one of the most scientifically backed anti-inflammatory agents on the planet. It’s also great for improving circulation. Improving your circulation and reducing inflammation are two of the most beneficial things that you can do when you have consistent joint pain. Turmeric can be consumed in a few different forms. I add turmeric powder to salads and soups but also ingest this turmeric liquid extract in a supplement form as well as add it to food personally.

8. Drink Ginger Tea

gingerteaA University of Miami Study with 247 patients that had osteoarthritis of the knee found that ginger extract reduced pain and stiffness in knee joints by 40% more than the placebo.  Ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory spice once again and has a lot of benefit for joint health. It also boosts circulation and helps blood flow nutrients to the areas needed to repair and recover. I recommend ginger tea because when heated up the ginger really invigorates blood flow even more. It’s also used very effectively in the colder winter months to warm up the joints as it’s a warming spice. You can get organic ginger tea at your local grocery or health food store.

9. Take Warm Epsom Salt Baths

epsom-saltsA warm epsom salt bath is great for aching joint pains in a few different ways. Epsom salts soaking in warm water work wonders on painful joints and muscles as well. Warm water in a bath helps to relax the body, muscles, nervous system and also opens the pores which is important when you have epsom salt in the bath. Epsom salt is very magnesium rich. Magnesium is an essential mineral for the relaxation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, the nervous system and so much more. Having adequate magnesium in your diet is important and beneficial and there are many whole foods such as cacao, spinach and pumpkin seeds (see these foods are recurring? that’s an even bigger sign to include them in your diet more often!) that are rich in magnesium and those are great to consume. The great thing about warm epsom salt baths though is that your skin absorbs the magnesium right through your pores in your skin which are opened because of the warm water, the hotter the bath the better the results. It can absorb and go to work right where it needs to whether the joint pain be in your knees, back, or hands. This is a very cheap and effective remedy to engage in at least once a week.

All of these tips and ideas are beneficial all natural ways to reduce joint pain and aches and they really do help if you use them. I recommend engaging in as many of these as possible and making them a consistent practice and habit in your life. The foods, spices, drinks and relaxation therapies all add up and compound to give you the best results and mobility. You have to take action though and taking action begins with starting to use this information in your life today.

Good luck on your journey to healthy joints and free mobility! I hope this information helps you as much as it has helped me.

Cheers to living Healthy Wild And Free!

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