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Every once in a while I come across a really valuable tidbit of information that I just have to blog about, today is no exception. Whenever I can find relevant information that has been proven across thousands of people (thousands of tests, basically) it makes sense to share. This valuable information today comes from Lyn-Genet Recitas book ‘The Plan’ which is a book about eating right for your body to stay thin and avoid foods that react causing you to gain weight. Lyn-Genet was a guest on the healthy wild and free podcast, she talked about her work, what she found with her clients and her book. You can tune into that episode by clicking here.

The conversation was fun, interesting and I learned a lot so I think you’ll enjoy it. Today I wanted to share with you some information from her book that is really valuable if you’re looking to stay thin or to release a few pounds of excess fat.

Lyn-Genet Recitas has been a holistic nutritionist since 1983 studying nutritional therapy, holistic medicine, herbology, homeopathy and shiatsu. She started working with immune response and hormonal balance twenty years ago on the west coast and has been running health centers for the past ten years in New York City and Westchester. Lyn-Genet and her team at The Lyn-Genet Plan have helped thousands of men and women find easy, effective ways to lose weight, improve health and reverse the aging process. Long story short, she has experience and really specializes in immune response and avoiding inflammatory foods that cause you to gain weight, she’s even been on Dr. Oz sharing this information.

Thankfully Lyn was kind enough to share which foods people were most reactive to having tested around 3,000 people. These foods are the top known as generally healthy foods that the immune response is kicking in causing inflammation and weight gain (.5-2 pounds in 24 hours) so be sure to avoid these foods to see if any changes occur or better yet get yourself a copy of the book The Plan and test all the foods you eat to have a perfect blueprint for you and your weight health.

Through these clients she found that certain foods were reactive in the majority of people, and I figured that would be valuable for you to know. Keep in mind that a good chunk of the foods on the list below are not healthy whole foods and you may be avoiding them completely already. With that being said though there are quite a few whole foods on the list below that you could be eating that you feel may be helping you lose weight, hopefully this list helps you try a different approach to your weight loss goals and get results.  The list below is compromised of foods that were reactive in 85-90% of people. The majority of the foods below people had immune response reactions to that caused them to gain .5-2 pounds in 24 hours.

Here’s the list of Immune Reactive Foods That Lyn-Genet Recitas Found:

1. Farm-Raised Fish

2. Deli Meats

3. Most Sushi

4. Hot Dogs

5. Bagels

6. Corn

7. Thick Crust Pizza

8. Shrimp

9. Turkey

10. Tomato Sauce

11. Eggplant

12. Oatmeal

13. Greek Yogurt

14. Black Beans

15. Cannellini beans

16. Cauliflower

17. Cabbage

18. Hard Boiled Eggs

19. Non-Organic Spinach

20. Cottage Cheese

21. Grapefruit

22. Salmon

23. Asparagus

Grab a copy of the book ‘The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas‘ to learn more about immune reactive foods and to learn how to test for the foods that you eat in your home to see if the food is causing you to gain weight, as you can see on the list above even healthy whole foods can and have caused the immune inflammatory response causing people to gain weight. You can also grab a copy of Dirt Cheap Weight Loss which is a book I co-authored with my friend Nick Meyer from, this book gives you 101 ideas to lose weight on a budget. Changes you can make in your home and diet to help facilitate in healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Image: Wikimedia