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Each and every day we all have the same amount of time, 24 hours. It’s a new shot clock on working towards our dreams and goals. Keeping our health in check, improving our health and bettering our relationships. The choice is ours each day. To do better than we did yesterday, or to sacrifice long term improvement for short term pleasure.

I don’t know about you. But for me personally, i’d like to see my relationships, health and dreams grow and come more to life over time. I believe that health is of vital importance to enjoy life, build relationships and pursue your goals and dreams. Energy is a big part of health. Energy is what you bring to the table each day. If you lack energy, soon enough your personal health, relationships and career can start lacking as well.

Daily energy is a factor that gives us leverage on time. We all get 24 hours, but if I have double the amount of energy as someone else who isn’t taking care of their health, their mind, body and spirit, I can enjoy and live a much fuller life each day. I can also have more success in working towards my goals and dreams.

Energy is drained on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

If you’re feeding your body well physically, getting plenty of nutrition, superfoods, a well night’s rest but you’re energy is mentally drained at work, or emotionally drained by a toxic relationship when you get home from work, your happiness, fulfillment, success and health are all limited, each and every single day.

Or it may be the other way around. You may be lacking in taking care of yourself physically, eating processed foods and drinks but have a job that you love that ignites your passion and a relationship that emotionally uplifts you when you get home.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to understand that your mind, body and spirit are all conductors of energy. They can be feed positive energy or negative energy. Positive energy is used but it keeps rejuvenating itself while negative energy is consumed and does not reciprocate in your life with energy to spare.

Think of your mind as your mental energy. Think of your body as your physical energy. Think of your spirit as your emotional energy. All 3 of these energies can either drain or rejuvenate themselves.

They feed or drain your energy as a whole. When you align your mental, physical and emotional energy in a positive way you receive an energetic ROI. An energetic return on investment. That’s our goal. To use energy in a way that feeds and rejuvenates us, so that we can continuously have high, positive energy to use at will, because our energy bucket (mind, body, spirit) is full.

5 Ways Physical Energy is Drained:

  1. Dehydration: Dehydration I would say is one of the first and largest causes of a lack of physical energy. Your body is 70% water. The nervous system and muscles desperately need water, electrolytes and minerals such as potassium and magnesium to function well. Drink more spring or purified water, and coconut water is your best friend when it comes to giving your body an uptake of water and electrolytes.
  2. Lack Of Quality Sleep: Quality sleep is such an important factor for physical energy. If you can go to sleep by 10 pm, avoid food and bright lights before sleep (by a few hours) you will sleep from 10 pm till 2 am which are the best times for your body to physically repair itself. Get to bed early, use dim lighting and avoid drinks or food up to a few hours before bed. Sleep in a pitch black space with little to no sound or light if possible. If it comes down to it, you can always wear ear plugs and a face mask to disconnect from a loud or lighted up sleep environment.
  3. Balanced Exercise: Balanced exercise is so important to having a healthy amount of physical energy. It’s about the right amount of exercise for you where you are at right now. Too much exercise paired with a diet that is low in vital energy producing nutrients such as magnesium and b-vitamins will deplete your body of key nutrients and cause hormonal stress on your body. Interestingly enough some people who are trying to exercise to burn fat are exercising too hard which causes the body to produce more cortisol. Cortisol is a fat storing hormone. Balanced exercise is key. If your body isn’t ready for such intensity you’ll not only be working out while telling your body to be storing fat. The workout will drain you instead of give you energy. The key is to get enough exercise but don’t push too hard. If you’re too stagnant, a simple walk each day will do. A bike ride. Be active enough that your body won’t feel slouchy or stiff. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy to support your body for best results from each workout.
  4. Stop Eating Processed Food: If you’re eating food that comes in a bag, box or can then you’re probably eating energy draining food. Foods like chips, crackers, cookies, snack mixes and treats. This list could go on and on. Trade out processed foods for whole foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, or a protein mix of nuts such as brazil nuts, almonds or cashews to help balance your blood sugar levels.
  5. Not Consuming Iron: Iron is an essential nutrient to help oxygen travel into the cells and muscles. Think of Iron as the pilot for oxygen to get it where it needs to go in the body. Having enough available oxygen plays an important role in producing physical energy. Kidney beans, dark leafy greens and nuts are great sources of Iron. Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient for energy and when paired with Iron it helps Iron absorb better. So eat more peppers, oranges, grapefruit, lemon and limes!

3 Ways Mental & Emotional Energy Are Drained:

  1. You’re Doing Unimportant Work: If at the end of the day you go home from work or school and feel that there is no purpose then you’re investing your energy each day into something that is and will continue to drain you. You have to do work that makes you feel inspired, passionate and purposeful. Many people are in school or work doing something that doesn’t speak to their spirit. The bills do have to be paid but at the end of the day you can’t sacrifice this long term. Find something that speaks to you and ignites your internal passion. I love doing the work that I do because I get to improve the lives of others, I get to see and hear that. If the work that you currently do feels unimportant find something that feels important and do that part-time (even if it doesn’t pay) until you can transition to that. You want your mental energy investment to return in a rewarding way each day. With these changes your sense of purpose grows and mental energy and resilience improves.
  2. You’re In A Toxic Relationship: Relationships can be tricky. You’re getting into something involving another person’s beliefs, ideas, habits and energy. If you’re an optimist and they’re a pessimist, it will be an uphill battle. If they have been hurt in the past and haven’t healed to come into the now relationship with you that baggage will carry over. If they simply do not have understanding and respect the opposite sex, this becomes a problem. There could be so many potential hiccups. Friction and resistance are the enemies of a happy and healthy relationship. If there’s a lot of resistance and friction from your partner and you have to deal with the toxic by-products of that. You’re investing positive energy into a relationship that is only returning negative energy. This drains your spirit over time. You feel hopeless and stuck. You need to move on and find someone who matches your energy and wants what you want. There are plenty of fish in the sea, breaking up can be tough but don’t continue to invest when you’re only hurting yourself each day. This can be a big emotional and mental energy drainer.
  3. You’re Secretly A Pessimist: Most people think that they’re optimists. Just ask a few friends what they think they are, a pessimist or an optimist? The majority of them will answer optimist quite confidently. Yet if we assess the thousands of conscious and subconscious thoughts that run through your mind each day and took a tally of positive vs. negative thoughts, you’d most likely be a fervent pessimist unknowingly. Pessimism comes in many forms and is a sort of mental sickness to learn to be mindful of so that you can begin to heal yourself over time. Let’s do a quick exercise, take yesterday or today as an example. Walk yourself through the day and think about everything that happend. The drive to work or the store, the conversation with your co-worker or boss. The conversation with a friend or family member.What happend on the road? what was the conversation about? what were you thinking about during the day, what was on your mind then? now? If you really look at the big picture and step back with a non-bias viewpoint i think you’ll find you’re more of a pessimist than you’d like to be.

    This has negative mental implications on your energy. Mentally and emotionally pessimism is draining, even physically. Learning to be more mindful of your thoughts and to not dwell on the negative will allow for more optimistic thoughts, beliefs and feelings which feed you energy each day. The mainstream media focuses 90% or more on the negative and 10% on the positive. Turn off the news, ignore gossiping (negative) co-workers. Walk away and do not participate in conversations or ideas that are negative or that lead to a negative outcome. Being an optimist gives you mental hope, resilience and energy for your mind, body and spirit. Watch this Monk talk on video about how one negative emotion can possess you so much.

Doing work and investing your energy into something that is fulfilling, passionate and rewarding on a daily basis is an investment into future energy. Don’t drain yourself now to do something that doesn’t feel important to you.

If you’re in a relationship that is toxic, you’ve done the best you can to improve and change things and nothing has changed with no end of the tunnel in site, move on. You can only hurt yourself and your partner more by sticking to something that is already bringing both of you down mentally and emotionally.

We are all pessimistic at times. Keep a positive outlook, do your best to practice being mindful in knowing when your thoughts are pessimistic or optimistic. The more mindful you become of your thoughts and where your mental energy is going the more you can begin to steer your mental energy in a more optimistic direction. Optimism gives you faith, hope and good energy for your day today and for things to come in the future.

If you expect good things, you receive good things. It’s no secret that you attract what you are. If you are a pessimist in even just a few areas of your life learn why and do your best to make those changes. You can be a full-flowing optimist that attracts positivity and positive energy in all areas of life, physical, mental and emotional.