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Sleeping naked? What are you… some kind of hippie nudist? That may very well be what the majority of people think when they hear someone touting as to why they should sleep naked but it’s not just about being a hippie, or a nudist… although we’ve all got a hippie nudist spirit tucked somewhere in that heart of ours! Sleeping nude is primal, it’s caveman-like. It’s minimalistic and wild. It’s a way to let your body be free of inhibiting clothes. It’s tough to describe in words to someone who sleeps in pajamas. I personally went from sleeping in boxers to sleeping nude and that little change just feels better. I hadn’t known why it felt better to sleep that way until recently when I started researching it.

It turns out that sleeping nude has it’s own set of life benefits that pertain to health, sleep quality and recovery, hormones, and overall psychology. Thankfully i’m not the only crazy nude sleeping individual out there! and thankfully I now have a few reasons to share why sleeping nude is yet another way to live healthier, more wild (obviously… I mean you’re butt naked) and free, of restricting clothes! no thanks!

7 Reasons You Should Sleep Nude Tonight

1. Influences Cortisol Levels:

One of the most prevalent benefits of sleeping naked is that it let’s your body cool properly at night better. Doing this helps to maintain healthy (more balanced) cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone as i’m sure you’re aware. The higher your cortisone levels the more you are at risk for certain health conditions. Conditions like high blood pressure, higher than optimal cholesterol levels, as well as other imbalances, weaker immunity and increased appetite which is weight gaining effects. Cortisol is also a fat storing hormone so the higher your cortisol levels the more your body will store fat. The cortisol levels in the body are usually lowest when you are sleeping deeply  (between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m or so) But after deep sleep your cortisol levels start to rise again in order to wake you up in the morning. Want to lower your stress levels and help the body release fat stored by cortisol? Sleeping naked is a step in the right direction. Sleeping naked keeps you cool which helps cortisol levels.

2. Better Relationship & Sex Life

Men and Women, Have you ever held your partner (usually this happens before or after sex) while both of you were naked? How does that feel? now compare that to wearing clothes… There’s a distinct difference, a stronger connection. Maybe the skin touching helps us feel a deeper connection.  Sleeping naked does in fact stimulate oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. This is also known as the “love hormone” which also happens to be released when you are experiencing sex and orgasm. It is a hormone that helps fight depression as well as contributing to gut health and a healthy blood pressure levels. Sleeping naked with your partner can light the flame and increase your sex-drive and physical connection.

3. Skin & Youthfulness

The higher your skin temperature while sleeping the more likely your body will be to suppress the release of growth hormones which are important for healthy body functions as well as healthy skin.

4. Reduces Risk Of Infection

Infections such as yeast infections are very common because of diets that are rich in white flour and white sugar with little probiotics. Interestingly enough sleeping naked can even lower the  risk of getting something such as a yeast infection because yeast grows in warm and moist conditions. By having no clothes on while you sleep, you give your body the opportunity to cool down and stay more dry all night long which prevents yeast from growing and spreading further. Also, conditions like acne spread bad bacteria further in warmer temperatures. Cooler temperatures are more suitable to preventing infections internally from spreading as well as skin infections.

5. Higher Quality More Restful Sleep

As it may be more apparently obvious by now the cooler your temperature while sleeping the better you sleep. Your body temperature plays a pivotal role when it comes to the quality of your sleep. In fact, a study in Australia shared that some types of insomnia can actually be caused by poor body temperature adjustment during sleep. In other research it was found that you can reach deeper levels of sleep when your body temperature is regulating properly while in bed. A study done by Dutch scientists made an experiment in which the partakers were given thermosuits (suits that lower skin temperature without affecting the overall core temperature of the body) They found that the participants experienced higher quality, more undisturbed and deeper sleep.

6. Psychological Boost Of Confidence:

Are you comfortable in your own skin? most of us are not. We are subconsciously told by everything from our parents when we were children to advertising telling us we are not good enough that we are not that physically attractive. Self-worth is in the toilet thanks to one simple truth, People DO NOT know how to love themselves at all. In general we are beat down more than built up and that is unfortunate. We need as many boosts in confidence and self-worth as we can get. The more we value ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally the better decisions we make in life. Loving yourself is all about investing into yourself and your own self-worth. I have noticed my self-worth go up from something as little as sleeping naked. I’m not as timid in my own skin. I walk around my house naked more often. It’s a good step in the right direction of learning to accept yourself the way you are, because that’s a lesson we all need to learn… no matter what we look like.

7. Overall Comfort:

You may feel more comfortable in your pajamas at first but once you begin to sleep naked you feel a lot more fluid in the sheets. It’s easier to move, change positions and you don’t wake up with your shirt tugging at your neck or your pants twisted. Clothes are constricting to our free movement while sleeping and being naked allows you to relax better by having less restriction on your movement.

Image: wikipedia