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Growing up my school went on a field trip to our local water municipal and they brought us through the water sanitation area. I remember seeing this huge tank of water inside and it smelling weird and thinking to myself even as a 11 year old that this is not normal and there’s no way that water tastes good. I left that field trip perplexed and confused that so much equipment and machines were needed and that it really seemed to “commercial” for clean and healthy water. There are so many water drinking options today it’s quite ridiculous. Water can be virtually free from the tap and can range up to 4 or 5 dollars a bottle. What is the difference? and why is the price range practically nothing to costing basically as much as alcohol for the same size drink? Some people think that all water is the same, this is not the case. Water is not water is not water. Water is different based on several different factors such as where it comes from, how it is stored, if it is treated and how it is processed, packaged and shipped or routed to your home through pipes and such.

If all water was the same it would all taste and smell the same, but does it? Not at all. If you think that’s a crazy statement go ahead and put some of your tap water in a cup, then go to a fast food restaurant and just ask for a water and put that next to your tap water, then get a bottle of voss or fiji water and put that next to these other glasses of water. If you take a sip from each cup and smell each water separately you’ll notice they each taste and smell completely different. If this is not recognizable for you it may be because your taste buds and pallet have become desensitized over the years. There is definitely a difference. What is the difference then? Why does tap water taste and smell much different than spring, purified, distilled or reverse osmosis water?

The Main 6 Reasons To Completely Avoid Tap Water

1. Added Chlorine: Tap water is RICH in chlorine, seriously! You can smell it more from businesses such as restaurants, fast food places and hotels for some reason, i’m not quite sure why but you can actually smell and taste the chlorine in all tap water if you are familiar with the taste and smell of it. Most of us have swim in a pool of chlorine before and that smell is there in tap water as well. The county you live in adds chlorine to the water to kill pathogens and any potential bacteria and living things in the water. The problem with this is that chlorine is corrosive to your body and interior arteries as well as digestive system. It ages and oxidizes your inside organs faster!

2. Water Fluoridation: Some people say that fluoride is good for your teeth and that it’s all good. The Government doesn’t care what you think about it they just go ahead and add it to the water to “Keep the population’s teeth healthy” so they say. The problem with adding fluoride to water is that we do not know what type of fluoride they are adding. It could be calcium fluoride (which is found in nature in small amounts and can be beneficial in small amounts) or it could be sodium fluoride which is abundant as a by-product of industry but is toxic to us. Most of the world does not consume fluoridated water like Americans do and we are one of the sickest countries in the world (when you look at how much money goes into health and medical and the diseases and health conditions we suffer from) and we continue on the same path. If fluoride is healthy I will consume it in my diet from the earth from foods that grow organically, I don’t need or want it added to my water. Many people say that fluoride calcifies (hardens with the mineral calcium) your pineal gland which is also known as your third-eye located in the middle of your brain. People say that fluoride makes you more docile and accepting of things cognitively without thinking much critically.

3. Heavy Metals: Tap water is delivered in a delivery system that is 100% metal pipes. Imagine all of your water sitting in metal tanks then being routed to you through metal pipes. The water contains a small amount of heavy metals simply because they are in a metallic environment for storage and transportation of the water. What’s worse is that these heavy metals in water are endocrine disruptors so they seriously disrupt your hormones and can cause toxic metal buildup in the body that leads to obesity and life threatening disease. Heavy metals are not mean’t to be sitting in our body, they not only suppress hormones but many other important biological functions in the body.

4. Drink Plastic Chemicals? Yep, Hello Phthalates: Phthalates are found in plastics and are used to create flexibility in soften plastic and vinyl. These relatively new set of plastic chemicals are now showing up in our tap water supply with about 75% of the American population being affected. These chemicals have been scientifically show to cause infertility, autoimmune disease, cancer, obesity, asthma and more. Most plastic contains this chemical this is also why you want to avoid drinking water from plastic. It’s in the tap water and plastic though so another solid reason to avoid tap water.

5. Not on Medications? Think Again: You may not take any medications and be fairly healthy but if you’re drinking with, cooking with, showering with or even bathing with tap water you get to immerse your body and cells in your neighbors ignorance to flush their medications down the drain. Many Americans dispose of their medications by flushing them down the toilet and guess what? Those meds and pills are not seen but they are still in the water. The city water municipality simply doesn’t have the technology to filter the millions of different and unique chemical compounds in the water coming from thousands of drugs flushed into this system.

6. Drink Fertilizers Much? Of Course You Do!: Thanks to big agro and monoculture (spray mass field) farming practices we now have fertilizers in our water as well. This means that nitrates, pesticides and coliform bacteria can be in our water causing us to consume this in our drinking and shower water. The toxicity here is off the charts, this is more chemicals that you DO NOT NEED or want in your body.

There are 6 solid reasons to never drink, cook with or bathe in tap water ever again.  To sum this all up your organs age faster because of the corrosive chlorine in the water, your brain and cognitive function is less effective and you are more docile and less mentally alert because of fluoride. Your hormones are all jacked up because of heavy metals so your sleep and energy levels as well as mood and obesity are commonplace because of this. Your chance of a deadly disease or other lifelong symptoms go up because of the phthalates in the water. You get all the side effects you see of medications and drugs on tv commercials in small doses simply by drinking and showering. Then you get to pollute your body with more chemicals in the form of pesticides, fungicides, herbacides and any “cide” used in monoculture, “Cide” means “die” by the way.

Believe it or not this is just a start. Think about what else people pour down the drain that isn’t 100% removed by the local water municipality? Imagine all the toxic beauty care products containing parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfates, benzoyl peroxide (cancer causing), that people are dumping down their drain or toilet as well. Think about the detergents and household chemicals that are dumped down the drain. Even things like soda and sugar are poured down the drain. The list goes on and on and on. Whatever “America” puts down the drain is in your water in small doses. Tap water is not water, it’s toxic clear sanitized dead chemicalized H20 if you can even call it that.

The job title of your local water municipality is to “Sanitize Water” as they call it. Your tap water is dead and the municipality killed it. You don’t want sanitized water, you want pure, clean drinking water that is rich in minerals. Imagine your city sanitizing your food. They could put it in a big container, spray some chlorine and fluoride on it then put a few pharmaceutical drug compounds in there for good measure and then shove it through metal pipes that are corroding right to your faucet… then eat that! would you eat that toxic food? If not then why even think about drinking that toxic water which should be life. The average human body is 75% water so getting a good filtration system for your whole home or at least your drinking water and shower should be important.

I personally recommend a reverse osmosis home filtration system, or a simple water filter, or even a water ionizer or distillation purification system. I also use an effective shower water filter to keep my shower water healthier because your body soaks in quite a few ounces of water through your open pores in hot water every time you shower. I surely hope that this article has you thinking twice about using and consuming regular tap water in your home for you and your family again without using some sort of purification technology. On another note you can also get spring water for free locally at which is also a very good option if not the best!

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