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We live in a world full of electro-magnetic frequencies, and becoming fuller by the day. Each day new wifi units are setup, new cell phone towers are built towering our homes and communities and people have more electronic devices now than they ever have at any point in history. Each electronic device emits some sort of electric pollution, otherwise known as EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies). Our modern tech centered world is becoming more polluted by the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with EMF’s or electrical pollution in general, please do your research and look into it. Some people say this is “pseudo-science” but charts showing brain temperature when exposed to cell phones would disagree with that notion. The truth is electro-magnetic frequencies effect us on a daily basis more than we know and the problem is only getting worse, so we need to take proactive action.

Our soil has been becoming more toxic and less nutrient dense by the year, and that causes the water and food quality to decrease dramatically. If you look at pesticide use, chemical production and the amount of chemicals used in general in today’s world compared to 100 years ago you can directly correlate the rise in chemical use to the rise in disease, sickness and ailments on the rise. Radiation from electrical devices are hard to make tangible cognitively because we don’t see them, we just see the device.

You can look up pictures and videos of oil spills, chemical dumps, and anything related to polluting the environment which pollutes our health online but the use of gadgets doesn’t hit home until you either feel it or see the effects firsthand.

Radiation from electrical devices and especially cell phones have negative effects. They cause more inflammation in your body which means your body will feel more tense and stressed. They restrict healthy blood flow and circulation which is one of the main key pillars for health and vitality as well as disease prevention. You may also have frequent headaches simply due to electro-magnetic frequencies. Personally if I talk on the phone for 50 minutes or more I begin to feel tension in my head and like to keep my phone calls shorter and spaced out for this reason.

You may be like me, you feel tension or get headaches when you are on the cell phone too much. The radiation is closes to your brain and head in general so keeping calls short is smartest. One thing that’s always bothered me is there are a lot of little sticker type products that you can put on your phone that claim to reduce electro-magnetic frequencies but none of them really have any science behind them, as far as what i’ve seen thus far.

Thankfully there are things you can do that no one seems to be sharing, i’m really not quite sure why! Maybe it’s because people are generally unaware that you can do anything. I just care about all aspects of health fully and feel like this is extremely important and avoided far too often. That’s why i’m sharing it today.

3 Ways To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation:

  • Use Airplane Mode Frequently! By turning your phone on airplane mode you effectively turn emitting EMF’s off. It’s the fastest, easiest and most common sense way to reduce EMF’s. I always have my phone on airplane mode if i’m carrying it in my pocket or on my body at all. When I sleep at night my phone is on airplane mode the whole night. This is by far the best and most influential way to reduce the greatest amount of EMF’s.
  • Walk Barefoot While on The Phone: Negative ions are one of your best friends when it comes to reduce EMF’s and by walking barefoot and being connected to the Earth’s negative ionosphere your body benefits from these and reduces the negative impacts of radiation, one of which is positively charged ions. By walking barefoot your body benefits from the earths negative ions simply by touching it with your skin. An even better approach is to walk along any body of water and have your feet in a natural body of water as these are rich in negative ions. Just don’t do this during a thunderstorm with lightning!
  • Drink More Water: Negative ions stem from oxygen and have one extra electron attached. They come from water. Walking or having your feet in a natural body of water but drinking water before talking on a cell phone (or using any high emitting EMF device) is one of the best ways to empower your body to reduce the positive ion load caused by electro-magnetic frequencies. Additionally add pinches of himalayan salt to give your body minerals and trace minerals which help your electrical and nervous system to respond better, or simply drink coconut water which is already electrolyte rich. When it comes to reducing the negative effects of EMF’s think in terms of water, minerals and oxygen. These all build you more of a resilient wall of protection.
  • Use Speakerphone: Using speaker phone doesn’t reduce the EMF’s but it istances you from them by a few feet as opposed to having the EMF’s sitting directly next to your brain, and that helps a lot. I always use speakerphone just to get more of a distance and keep EMF’s away from my brain and internal organs because those are more priority than my exterior joints and ligaments.

Lastly, based on people i’ve spoken too at a health institute a few years back and research i’ve done it’s also beneficial to hold the phone in your right-hand instead of your left. Why? Your energetic body flows out towards the right and releases energy on the right-hand side. By using your phone on speaker in your right-hand you’re discharging it away from your body. If you hold the pohone in your left hand those EMF’s are more attracted inward to your body which you then have to deal with. Isn’t it interesting to how the heart is in the left hand portion of our chest and pumps blood to the right from the left? and isn’t it also interesting how most people are right-handed as well? Energetically energy and power flows to the right, so if you use your right-hand to your advantage you can discharge the emf’s away from your body instead of towards it. Even if you believe this is a load of bollocks doesn’t it make sense intuitively to hold the phone in your stronger more dominant hand? If you’re left-handed I don’t know what to tell you, i’d still go right with it!

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Until next time, live Healthy, Wild And Free and spread the goodness 🙂

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