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Exercise is free. It costs absolutely nothing. Eating healthy, nutritious, organic food costs money. Buying organic and natural products for your home costs money. Even drinking water costs money. Everything that you do to improve your health costs money, except for exercise. Exercise is free, unless you pay for a gym membership, but you really don’t need to.

The problem with exercise is that it’s hard work and exhausting, and running or doing strenuous exercise typically isn’t all that fun at all so you end up quitting. Exercise is needed though. The body needs to move every single day to be in optimal health.

What Happens When You Don’t Move Your Body Enough?

Walking is a great form of regulatory exercise but you also need to get your heart rate up each day, and walking just does not cut it. What’s important is to move your body in a more than walking (at least, walking, in the minimal) every 24 hours. Otherwise changes begin to occur in your body that you do not want to occur.

While sitting, your calorie burning rate drops one calorie per minute. Standing, walking, running, biking, swimming or playing a sport is a way to counteract this and keep your calories burning faster instead of slower.

Your muscles begin to weaken, each 24 hour period that you sit still without enough movement your body uses less glucose in the muscles and the nervous system fires less effectively. This means that you are physically weaker and this leads to having a decrease in the amount of energy you have each day. It can also lead to diabetes over time with an imbalanced diet.

You gain more unhealthy fat the more sedentary you are. Your sleep quality is deprived as well, because your sleep quality is deprived and your energy and strength are diminished you have less energy throughout the day. Your metabolism begins to work less efficiently as your body takes the toll of sitting and being inactive too long.

Learn more in this video about the risk factors of being inactive and how exercise shifts these factors.

Over time, you want to find a way to keep active each day. It’s summer right now, it makes it easier to get outside and do something active. Go to the park, ride your bike like me! If you need a new bike because you don’t have one or the old one just isn’t cutting it, head over to and make the investment. Being able to fold up your bike and take it anywhere is truly one of the coolest things ever. I plan on using it a lot this summer on trails, at parks and when I go camping on Lake Michigan later this summer.

By Exercising Daily You:

  • Improve Metabolism
  • Improve Cholesterol
  • Improve Blood Sugar
  • Have More Strength
  • Have More Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Improved Mental Health (feel good brain chemistry)
  • Improved Hormonal Harmony
  • Burn Calories Better
  • Improved Circulation
  • Detoxify & Drain The Lymphatic System
  • Reduces Stress
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Stabilizes Immunity
  • Oxygenates Your Body & Cells
  • Strengthens Heart & Cardiovascular System
  • Helps Improve Mobility & Flexibility
  • Maintains Youthfulness (Skin, Physique)
  • Helps To Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Increases Brain’s Memory

4 Reasons To Exercise Once A Day: 

  1. Exercise Daily Reduces Disease Risk
  2. Better Sleep (deeper rest is tougher to come by)
  3. A Healthier Cardiovascular System (reducing heart attack & stroke risk)
  4. Prevents Injury By Increasing Flexibility & Mobility (save the risk)

Find what works for you. Even if walking around your neighborhood each day to start is an improvement then start with that and improve from there to do something like biking to get your heart rate up. Your body, energy, sleep, strength and mental health will thank you for it! Inspire your friends and family to stay more active by understanding these benefits by sharing it on social media with the buttons below.

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