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Americans do things uniquely different than the rest of the world, whether we realize it or not. We are a unique breed, and for some reason a good chunk of us think we’re “more special” than the rest of the world. I’m an American citizen but I respect each country and culture individually and don’t see a better than, or less than with any culture or people and think that’s important because there are things we do as Americans that aren’t so modern, advanced or “better” than other people.

In terms of American healthcare, according to we rank last in healthcare quality among 11 modern industrialized nations for the 5th time. The report ranked France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.K. Good ole USA came in dead last.

We have a bit to learn from these countries that place above us. Each country has unique and valuable lessons. One key difference that I recognize off the bat is that many European countries including these countries are much more open to natural remedies, homeopathics, and nutrition based protocols overall. America focuses more on modern medical technology (which these countries do also) but not advancing the use of natural plants as much. These countries take more of an integrative approach with both eastern and western worlds of medicine colliding.

With that being said, there are many differences between each of these countries in the way they manage healthcare and serve the public that will be covered over future articles here on the blog.

There are a few key sanitary mistakes most Americans make in their home, specifically their bathroom. These may not increase your lifespan or prevent deadly diseases, but they will strengthen your immunity and reduce the toxic chemical load on your body and cells so your body is healthier and has more vitality overall.

3 Sanitary Mistakes Americans Make in Their Bathroom:

  1. Leaving The Toothbrush Exposed: Leaving a toothbrush exposed (hanging in a toothbrush holder with the brushes exposed to open air) is highly unsanitary. In fact,University of Arizona environmental microbiologist Charles Gerba published a scientific article in 1975 describing the disturbing results of his tests on bacterial and viral aerosols due to toilet flushing. He found that flushing the toilet caused the bacterial and viral erosols to travel 6-8 FEET. This means that your toothbrush becomes contaminated each time the toilet flushes, essentially with human waste. Solution? Get a toothbrush container and cover that bad boy up.

2. Sitting On The Toilet With The Lid Open While Flushing: I guess people do this, i do not! Either leaving the toilet seat open while flushing or sitting on the toilet still while flushing is highly unsanitary. Aerosol like water particles are emitted upwards because of the force of the flush and these bacterial and viral particles catch your bum! You don’t have time for that! Make sure your toilet seat and lid are down, stand up then flush. This ensures you’re not distributing bacterial and viral particles onto your bum. Your bum should be squeaky clean, bacteria and viral free with this tip! (Impulsive Thought: Make sure your partner follows this tip)

3. Using Bleach As A Cleaner or Disinfectant: People often use bleach or ammonia for cleaning a bathtub to remove stains, mold and spots. Bleach is so commonly used that no one even thinks about it. The issue with bleach is that although it’s an organic compound it’s extremely toxic to human cells and harms the environment. It is one of the most corrosive and deadly chemicals on the market. When you feel a burning sensation, skin irritation or coughing these are the side effects of this toxic concoction causing corrosion and harming your cells. When you mix bleach and ammonia it actually creates an extremely toxic gas that can actually stop lung function.

NEVER MIX BLEACH AND AMMONIA. Do your best to avoid both completely.The American Lung association suggests sticking to soap instead of bleach or Ammonia for these reasons. Not only that but if bleach is ingested by a child it can be very harmful, even fatal. Any product that is harmful or fatal should not exist in your home.There are natural, plant based eco-friendly alternatives that work just as well that don’t have any of the side effects, leaving any toxic residue or potential dangers. I recommend baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide as great alternatives that are non-toxic, won’t become harmful if airborne and won’t irritate the lungs like bleach or ammonia. You can mix essential oils (to add a cleaning effect and great scent) to a baking soda, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide homemade cleaner. I use lime essential oil with vinegar and baking soda often. These are cheap, DIY solutions that smell and work great! You can also just search for natural bathtub and bathroom cleaners on amazon here.