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When it comes to technology, i’m all ears. I love learning about and have always been intrigued by new technology. Humanity has quite an interesting relationship with technology. We’re dependent on it, like a food or water source. I heard a statistic from a speaker that if someone leaves their phone in a public place (coffee shop etc.) that they’re back in just minutes, 9 or so on average if I remember correctly. If they leave their wallet it takes around 37 minutes for them to realize and come back. We’re more hooked on our phones than ever before and there are benefits but there are also downsides.

Text related crashes are on the rise and just recently surpassed drunk driving accidents. Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. Cell phones have improved the ability to communicate and navigate information and commerce but they also pose a set of challenges.

It seems as if the addiction to cell phones at work and during dinner weren’t enough. Now people use their phones while they drive, putting other lives at risk.  As if driving while texting wasn’t enough. Now folks are taking their phone to bed with them. Really makes you wonder why huh? I mean, you can get anything on those devices nowadays! 😉

Having your phone in bed before going to sleep or while drifting off can actually be both dangerous and harmful to your health in a few ways. That’s what we’re talking about today. Hopefully you’ll come out on the other side not feeling like you’ve gone through phone rehab and can accept the facts.

3 Reasons To Absolutely Avoid Sleeping With Your Phone

  1. It’s Actually Quite Dangerous: 

    ABC News reported that a Texas teen woke up to a burning smell from her sleep. Guess what the cause was? Her Samsung Galaxy S4, which she had under her pillow. The phone had partially melted and burned her sheets and mattress. After further investigation it was found that a non-Samsung replacement phone battery was to blame. The manual warns against using incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers. Interestingly enough though the manual also notes that there’s a risk of a fire if the gadget is covered by bedding or other thick material. The lesson is to stick to phone accessories from the original brand and don’t leave your cell on your bed, or pillow, or sheets at all.

  2. Cell Phone (or any) Screens Disrupt Circadian Rhythm: 

    Your circadian rhythm is the rhythm that your body goes through every 24 hours. It is an internal rhythm but it is altered by the outside environment of temperature and light. Long story short, if your eyes are seeing light from a light bulb or phone screen late at night it’s disrupting your circadian rhythm and therefore your awake and asleep cycle. If you want to improve your sleep quality and have more energy when you wake up then avoid lights or screens at night and use dim lighting before bed. I recommend Himalayan salt lamps to be used at night. Read more about that here.

  3. Excessive Cell Phone Use May Cause Cancer: 

    There has been research done showing that the radiation and EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) from cell phones harm health. New research is finding that the radiation from phones is cancer causing and may pose other health risks as well. In 2011, the World Health Organization warned that using cell phones may be possibly carcinogenic to humans, especially in children, whose scalps and skulls are thinner than adults’, and more vulnerable to radiation.

    The effects of cell radiation. 5 yrs – 10 yrs – adult. The younger the child the more their brain is susceptible to harmful radiation. The yellow-orange-red color continuum outlines how deeply into the brain the radiation penetrates. 

    These young adults (beyond 10 years old) are getting brain cancer at a faster rate and the cell phone radiation is a big cause to blame. If a child falls asleep with the phone on emitting a 4g signal, they’re head is right there next to the phone absorbing all of that radiation.

    Rules To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

    A good rule of thumb is to use headphones or speaker phone more often to keep the phone further away from your body and head. Definitely don’t sleep with the phone next to your head. I have heard that teenage girls are going to sleep with cell phones under their pillow while talking to their young-romeo’s. Teenage romeo’s are doing the same. Please speak with your children and get this important point across.

    These young adults (beyond 10 years old) are getting brain cancer at a faster rate and the cell phone radiation is a big cause to blame. If a child falls asleep with the phone on emitting a 4g signal, they’re head is right there next to the phone absorbing all of that radiation. It is important to communicate with your children that have cell phones to take breaks, avoid the phone being close to the brain as often as possible and to turn the phone on airplane mode when sleeping to shut the signal off.

    On a more positive note, a company called safesleeve has developed the first anti-radiation cell phone case. If you want to reduce the radiation exposure from cell phones for your children and you then visit this website to learn more.

    Safe Sleeve Has Developed The World’s First Anti-Radiation Cases For Smartphones. Learn more by clicking here. 

    Hopefully 3 reasons are more than enough reasons to avoid having your phone in the bed. Please share this information with your children that have phones also. It’s vitally important. Please share this in social media to help your friends and family become more aware.