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Sugar can be addicting, so much so in fact that studies have found that it is actually eight times more addicting than cocaine! Can you believe that? no wonder diabetes and obesity have skyrocketed and continue to. They are epidemics fueled by sugar. The unfortunate thing is that food manufacturers have caught onto this, that sugar is addicting and their food tastes more delicious when more, and then even more sugar is added so they’ve done that.

Sugar has been added to everything from that morning cereal, to the mid-day snack down to uncommon foods such as bread. Sugar is sweet and America and most humanity has a sweet tooth, once you’re hooked it’s hard to get unhooked. It is possible though, I used to have quite a sweet tooth myself. I’d eat candy and sugary treats all the time to get my fix and once I started I couldn’t be stopped, it was like a train going downhill.

You may be the same way, maybe you have a sugar addiction or maybe you feel like you crave sugary foods and treats all too often and realize that it’s not healthy for you so you want to do something about it. That’s why you’re here, to learn what you can do and to take action to improve your health.

It’s important to keep in mind not only that sugar is very addicting (and multiple studies have proven this) but also the long lasting effects of sugar on your health. A high sugar intake increases insulin resistance which increases your risk for prediabetes and diabetes, it also DIRECTLY feeds cancer cells. Cancer cells are fueled by sugar quicker than regular healthier cells because they have more receptor cells accepting sugar than regular healthy cells. This means that if you already do have cancer it will proliferate the growth even faster.

Sugar also will interrupt the hormonal balance if consumed in all too often with foods void of nutrients. Insulin resistance can occur, causing a whole hormonal disrupting effect. Obesity is also fueled by sugar directly. The body stores more fat when fed processed white sugar is ingested. There are multiple studies proving this including one study showing childhood obesity is on the rise because of sugar.

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other health conditions, diseases and ailments can be linked to increased sugar consumption.

3 Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings

Cinnamon:  Balances blood sugar levels by enhancing blood sugar signaling of the cells and enhancing insulin receptors in cells. This balances your blood sugar which helps to reduce your craving for sugar.  I recommend organic cinnamon! You can sprinkle it on food (apples, fruits etc.) or just simply add it to water and drink it.

Stevia: Your sweet tooth can still be satisfied without the raise in blood sugar levels or insulin resistance effects that sugar has. Stevia is a plant based sweetener that does not spike blood sugar levels at all and is actually helps to lower blood sugar levels. The plant contains compounds rebaudioside A and stevioside which help blood sugar and insulin levels. A study done in Planta Medica in 2005 found that stevioside was beneficial in lowering blood glucose levels and decreasing insulin resistance in rats with diabetes. Interestingly enough the FDA only approved stevia products that did NOT contain stevioside (the natural plant compound) for food consumption. Can you believe that? The highest quality stevia I have found and used is omica organics stevia and I would bet that their product (since it’s more of a supplement) still contains stevioside and can still be used in food obviously. Stevia is also a rich source of chromium, a crucial and important trace mineral for pancreas health that helps to balance blood sugar levels and curb cravings. In one study, taking chromium picolinate for 8 weeks reduced carbohydrate cravings quite a bit. The people who had the most severe carbohydrate cravings experienced the best results. When your blood sugar is low, your drive to seek out sugars and starches is amplified, and there is a tendency to over consume. Using stevia helps in this way also and is highly recommended to curb sugar cravings.

Protein: Such as nuts or seeds helps to balance blood sugar levels naturally. Protein (and healthy fats such as avocado) help to slow the absorption of blood sugar spikes. By eating protein your body actually pulls sugar into the cells so that it’s usable. Long story short, you don’t need as much sugar and won’t crave it as much if you have more readily available and usable glycogen in your body already. Protein, healthy fats and fiber all help to slow, or enhance the absorption of sugar so eating foods rich in healthy fats such as avocado, coconut or nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are great because they often contain healthy fats, protein AND fiber which help to curb sugar cravings in multiple ways.

Additionally fruit and raw honey can help also, to act as pleasantly sweetening tasteful experiences without the processed sugar in that equation. You benefit from organic fruit and raw honey because of the fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients in them. The fiber helps to slowly digest and release the fruit sugar into the bloodstream which isn’t as harmful as drinking a soda or eating a donut.

Eat more whole food proteins such as organic nuts and seeds, use stevia and organic cinnamon more often and your sugar cravings will begin to dissipate.