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I love lemons, the flavor is great! that tart bitter tangy bite is great. I personally add it to water and drink it first thing in the morning because it’s one of the best ways to start your day for your energy levels, clarity and liver health. You can read about why and what drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning for your health by clicking here.

They’re one of those foods that has so many uses and that list of uses seems to grow by the year as people discover new uses. Lemons aren’t just for eating or adding to water as most people would think, they actually have multiple uses beyond that as a home remedy, and practical item to use in multiple ways as you’ll soon read.

24 Surprisingly Weird But Practical Uses For Lemons

1. Wash Fruits & Veggies: Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant. Simply squeeze lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray the lemon juice on any fruit or vegetable, scrub and rinse off. This acidic residue will disinfect and help to remove pesticide residue.

2. Keep Bugs Out Of Your Kitchen & Home: If you squeeze fresh lemon juice near your doorways, around the kitchen and any cracks in the floor or around your home bugs will get the message that they are not welcome. This is a much cheaper and more natural alternative to bug traps.

3. Clean & Sanitize Cutting Boards: Fresh squeezed lemon juice helps to sanitize and clean the cutting board very well from onion, garlic and other residues left on the cutting board.

4. Combat Depression: Lemon juice helps to uplift your mood and relieve stress with it’s unique nutritional profile. It’s a great mood booster and helps to keep your spirits high!

5. Preserve Food: Lemon is a great way to preserve your food to help it last longer. Try spraying lemon juice on cauliflower and it will not turn brown as quickly. This can also be used on greens to keep them crispy and fresh as well as guacamole to keep it green and preserve it’s flavor.

6. Oral Health: Lemon juice helps to remove stains on the teeth, keep the gums healthy and reduce toothaches.

7. Reduce Skin Spots (Anti-Aging): Fresh squeezed lemon juice can be applied to brown spots on your skin as well as marks, scars or blemishes to heal the skin, keep it even and young.

8. Fresh Aroma & Room Scent!: You can put fresh squeezed lemon juice in a humidifier or with a little bit of water on your stove. Let it burn and release the fresh scent of lemon  throughout your home to make it smell fresh!

9. Clean & Whiten Fingernails: Rubbing fresh squeezed lemon juice on your fingernails and toenails is a great way to clean them and keep them white and healthy.

10. Freshen Your Breath: Lemon juice is a great all-natural breath freshener.  Simply swish lemon juice around your mouth for a minute or so. This alters the pH of your mouth and helps to kill bad bacteria leaving your breath fresh and zesty with lemon flavor!

11. Remove Dandruff: The nutritional profile in lemons help to hydrate your scalp and remove dandruff. Simply massage two tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water, do this each day until the dandruff goes away.

12. Get Rid Of Stains On Marble Counters: Marble top counters are actually petrified calcium. Lemons help to eat away at this petrified calcium because of the mineral and enzymatic profile. Simply take a cut in half lemon, apply salt (table or sea salt will do) and scrub with a bit of muscle on the stain. This should do the trick! if not, well… this is typically last resort so good luck!

13. Remove Berry Stains: If you have eaten a few too many berries and have those stains all over your hands simply wash your hands with lemon juice and rub vigorously. Doing this should remove berry stains! I’m not sure if using lemon juice in the wash will remove berry stains as well but i’d venture to say that it can only help so it’s worth a shot!

14. Soften Dry Scaly Skin: If your feet, elbows or knees ever get dry and scaly you can take fresh squeezed lemon juice with baking soda and use this past to exfoliate these areas of your body to leave your skin smooth and soft.

15. To Remove Headaches: The minerals and electrolytes in lemons help to rehydrate your body almost quicker than anything else on the planet. Fresh squeezed lemon juice with plenty of water can help stimulate an inactive liver and rehydrate your body to effectively remove headaches. You can read more about using lemons and other techniques for removing headaches here.

16. Vaginal & Groin Hygiene: Lemon Juice helps to balance the pH and kill bad bacteria that may reside in the vaginal or groin region. Apply lemon juice sparingly and diluted with water.

17. Disinfect Scrapes, Cuts & Bruises: Once again lemon juice is a great disinfectant that can help to disinfect cuts, scrapes or bruises 100% naturally with no anti-biotic creams or ointments.

18. Treat Poison Ivy: Applying fresh lemon juice to an area affected with poison ivy will help to soothe the pain and treat the rash effctively.

19. Remove Warts: Apply fresh lemon juice to your warts with a cotton ball. The fresh lemon juice contains acids that will begin to eat away at these warts, continuously apply each day until they are gone.

20. Bleach Fabrics: Lemon has the unique potential to bleach fabrics in the wash, including delicate fabrics that other products may be too harsh for. You can simply soak your fabrics in a lemon juice and baking soda mix for approximately 30 minutes before washing to loosen stains and leave them coming out of the wash as white as can be!

21. Rid Clothes Of Mildew: We all hate when our clothes can begin to get that mildew smell. Apply fresh squeezed lemon juice with a salt mix to your clothes and then let them dry in the sun. This works like a charm!

22. Make Your Fireplace Smell Great: Some fires and firewood do not smell that good, this could be for a variety of reasons. Simply throw your lemon peels in the fireplace and this will help to make the fire smell better and for everyone to enjoy the experience just a little bit more!

23. Whiten Teeth: You can peel a lemon peel and then use that to apply the inside to your teeth and scrub like a toothbrush. This will help to whiten your teeth over time.

24. The Peels Are Edible!: Believe it or not the lemon peels are edible and contain a lot of nutrition and are very mineral rich. You can leave the peels in water and let it sit, drink that over time to reap the benefits. You can also pulverize, blend or juice the lemon peel to add to recipes to add a more lemon zesty flavor!

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