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Remember when you were a little kid, it was a hot summer day and you had lemonade, watermelon and doritos to snack on? Maybe your childhood didn’t look much like mine but doritos seemed to be a staple part of my diet as a kid unfortunately. I have great parents, and also had a healthy upbringing with lot’s of vegetables and fruits, organically grown, as well as supplements, herbs and things of that nature thanks to my mom, but it seems like doritos never escape a kid’s childhood, and many people still eat doritos in their adulthood.

I know that most of you that follow this blog don’t eat dorito’s, you eat mostly organic and avoid gmo snack and junk food, but please read this article and watch the accompanying videos to learn how and why there’s more to this story then you may have been told.

We know junk food and snack food isn’t good for us. Why are doritos so bad? There are a few reasons i’d specifically recommend to avoid doritos, and if you’re anything like me you’ll take these to heart. Firstly, let’s take a look at the ingredients in dorito’s below…


Basically, to decode this ingredient list I can sum it up as Genetically modified ingredients followed by preservatives, food dye’s, dairy that comes from animals eating gmo foods, and then some more preservatives, food dye’s, sugar and a hint of onion and bell pepper powder. This is obviously not a healthy food in any way, it’s going to clog your colon, cause inflammation and so much more.

What Makes PepsiCo Even Worse? (Dorito’s Parent Brand) Watch The Video Below To Learn More…

Please avoid the pepsico brand, doritos and all of their companies including naked juice to avoid harming your health, funding GMO’s and rainforest deforestation.

Please share this post if you agree with this message, thanks for watching. Also, please watch this video…

Maybe your friends and family will see doritos and pepsico and their affiliate brands differently after reading this post and watching these videos. I sure hope so! Please share this.