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Cancer is one of the biggest killers in America and worldwide. It’s often diagnosed in it’s later stages and at that point it may be too late. Even when it’s diagnosed early on the medical system strongly pushes chemotherapy which leaves the patient struggling for life and vitality itself. The chemotherapy then weakens the body and can and often does kill the cancer patient faster than no treatment at all. A 25 year study done by the University of California Berkeley found this to be true, you can read about that study here.

With that being said, catching cancer before it proliferates and grows out of control is a big advantage to you and your health and could literally save your life. Not only that but the two most powerful ways that you can prevent cancer also inhibit other health conditions and diseases and increase your quality of life the day you begin implementing them.

Just like belly fat, muscle, brain function, digestive health, cardiovascular health and any other area of the body cancer cells are either fed or starved. You can use the correct nutritional and dietary principles to feed muscle or add belly fat, feed cancer cells or starve them. Cancer cells are just like any other cell in the body, they require fuel and energy to grow and proliferate. If they do not have the fuel necessary to do so then they will begin to starve and die at a cellular level, known as apoptosis. Inducing apoptosis in cancer cells (causing cancer kills to be programmed to die) is simply a matter of understanding cancer cells and their energy sources.

There are many ways in which you can build immunity, keep your body in a constant state of health and homeostasis to prevent cancer. By living a healthy lifestyle in terms of not only diet but stress, environmental factors, sleep and movement for circulation and lymphatic health you do these things. The two factors we’re discussing today though seem to be two of the most important triggers that accelerate cancer cell growth rapidly, so by understanding these two concepts you can prevent it more effectively.

2 Powerful Ways To Prevent Cancer Cell Proliferation

  1. Reduce Or Remove Sugar Completely:Processed white sugar is not only harmful to blood sugar levels, additional belly fat, and lowering immunity but it’s also harmful when in contact with cancer cells. Cancer cells contain more sugar receptor sites than healthy cells, meaning they accept sugar first and foremost as a source of fuel. If you drastically reduce or remove processed sugar you’re cutting off the fuel source that cause cancer cell proliferation which can then lead to full blown out cancer. Interestingly enough look at sugar consumption in America in the past few hundred years. It’s been on the rise, cancer has been as well. Not only that but sugar consumption since 1980 has increased and obesity rates closely mimic that sugar increase as well. Obesity alone can increase cancer risk by 23%! Since sugar intake has increased in recent decades obesity and cancer rates have risen also, coincidence? Nope, just two more signs you should avoid sugar as best you can.
  2. Give Your Body More Oxygen (Life):It’s interesting that there are two trains of thought on this subject and after doing my own research from varying sources and opinions i’ve come up with my own interpretation and conclusion that i’ll share with you. Oxygen is life, it’s also a nutrient. I’ve believed that oxygen starves cancer cells based on several theories which i’ll get to in a minute but Dr. Andrew Weil (a respected medical doctor disagrees) he actually thinks that oxygen doesn’t help contribute to preventing cancer or cancer growth and thinks it can be dangerous. This surprised me, I admire most of his work but disagree with him on this notion for several reasons. First and foremost, oxygen is literally the most important single nutrient factor when it comes to survival. You die within minutes without it, so could this vital nutrient really harm your health and accelerate the growth of cancer? a disease that ultimately takes your last breath? Intuitively to me it just makes sense that oxygen could only help and after further research I believe it to be true as Dr. Weil did not have any real scientific backing around his viewpoint. He only claims that the American Cancer Society does not support claims that oxygen can harm or kill cancer cells, that means absolutely nothing to me. The American Cancer Society is 10 years behind the latest research and information as far as i’m concerned, slow turtles they have always been.

    Beyond my own understanding of health and life, I think if you contemplate oxygen you’ll agree that it’s vital to life and health, without it life ceases to exist. It’s like saying that water is beneficial for cancer, it cannot be possible in my mind for oxygen or water, two of the most basic, most vital nutrients to support a deadly disease. With that being said, there are two trains of thought. Some believe that oxygen could feed the growth of cancer, some believe it feeds the growth of healthy cells that fight cancer such as white blood cells.

    I have more proof and more pudding for you though to further back this up. One factor that has changed in recent decades is air pollution in the cities, where the majority of the population lives. Oxygen levels in these areas has dropped dramatically as carbon emissions have risen. This has influenced the levels of oxygen readily available our body, lungs and ultimately the blood. If you look at oxygen levels in cities and how oxygen has depleted cancer levels rise during these same decades. This is iffy at best though, but provides a little clarity as to why this may be.

    Oxygen levels declining, cancer rising. Beyond this we find that specific cultures around the world that teach breathwork as a practice such as yoga or meditation have lower levels of cancer in these regions. Interesting, huh?

    Furthermore Dr. Otto Warburg, a cancer researcher in the 193o’s was quoted as saying:

    Dr. Warburg said, “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. Almost anything can cause cancer. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen (oxidation of sugar) in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar… In every case, during the cancer development, the oxygen respiration always falls, fermentation appears, and the highly differentiated cells are transformed into fermenting anaerobes, which have lost all their body functions and retain only the now useless property of growth and replication.”

    In other words, cancer cells adapt to thrive in a anaerobic environment which lacks oxygen but is abundant in fermenting sugar. Cancer cells metabolize eight times faster than normal healthy cells. The body contains low levels of oxygen but also CO2 (carbon dioxide) the toxic gas expelled by breathing.

    What we can conclude is that by breathing polluted, oxygen deprived air we receive less pure oxygen which is needed for life and normal healthy cells. We also know that by breathing shallow breaths of air we intake less oxygen and carbon dioxide as well, which we now know are both important for healthy cells and bad for cancer cells. When under stress (which is common in today’s world) we breathe shallow, polluted, oxygen deprived air.

    Our bodily oxygen and CO2 Levels are both low or imbalanced, which effects cancer cells either way.

    One study titled “How Hydrogen Peroxide Pulls The Immune Systems Emergency Cord” by Harvard Medical School used Hydrogen Peroxide in the bodies of of injured zebrafish to see how and what the hydrogen peroxide application would do and how it would effect ROS (reactive oxygen species) which are just chemically active molecules containing oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is H202, 2 parts hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen, one molecule different than water, simply an added oxygen molecule. The researchers injured the fish tail (a little bruise) to see what would happen.

    They knew that with an injury white blood cells would aid to the scene, but to their surprise they found that the hydrogen peroxide (2 parts hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen) arrived before the white blood cells in the injured tails of the fish. White blood cells are immune cells that aid in healing and also help to heal cancer, but white blood cells are dramatically reduced by chemotherapy, which is why I recommend avoiding it once again.

    Long story short, hydrogen peroxide was the first response to the scene, the inner ambulance for the emergency if you will. The body (specifically the lungs, gut and thyroid) produce hydrogen peroxide but if this is inhibited the body will not have hydrogen peroxide to respond. The researchers then repeated the experiment but this time by switching off a protein that produces hydrogen peroxide in the thyroid gland. This time the hydrogen peroxide was not delivered and the white blood cells did not appear at the wound site also.

    Based on this research, we can conclude that hydrogen peroxide is beneficial in wound healing and aiding in white blood cell delivery to damaged cells. Hydrogen peroxide is once again just 2 oxygen and 2 hydrogen molecules, it’s an oxygen deliver system in the body that provides a pathway for white blood cells (that fight cancer and keep immunity strong and active) to heal.

    Based on this research by Harvard Medical School, I think it’s safe to say that Dr. Andrew Weil is incorrect about this. Furthermore, if you look at lowering oxygen levels, shallow breathing and it’s effects on bodily oxygen and CO2 levels as well as the fact that hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria (a job the immune system would have to do) I believe it’s quite safe to conclude that proper oxygenation of the body is important to preventing cancer.

    How can you get more oxygen in your body? Breathe deeply, exercise to stimulate deeper breaths and be around plants that give you pure oxygen, get in nature. Avoid shallow breathing, shallow breathing decreases your readily available oxygen. Breathe deeply into your stomach, it should expand and contract with each breath. You should also be breathing through your nose as it acts as a natural air filter.

    Some people take food grade hydrogen peroxide internally. This can be done but most be diluted and done in a very specific manner so do your research on this and make sure that the hydrogen peroxide you use is food grade. Also, do not let a high percentage grade H202 touch your skin as it will burn your skin. This is why diluting it is important.

    There was another study that found that impaired pulmonary oxygenation along with increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) contributed to being a lung cancer risk. In other words, impaired (inhibited lung function) and a higher level of carbon dioxide (a toxic gas that is expelled by the lungs with deep breaths) contributed to a risk factor for lung cancer. Deep breathing and adequate levels and flow of both oxygen and CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the body are important at all times.

    Once again, we can learn a thing or two from meditation and yoga practices. Breathe deeply and slowly, have intention with each breathe and understand the power of life you’re taking in and out with each breath.




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