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Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Costa Rica translates to “Rich Coast” for us non-spanish speaking northerners. Some say when the country was discovered they could see gold shimmering on the shores, so they named it Costa Rica. The jaw-dropping scenery feels like something out of Avatar at times, the rainforests, cloud forests, waterfalls, flowing hot springs, beaches and scenic views are truly breathtaking! Its a surreal place, especially coming from the city.

I had the pleasure of living in Costa Rica twice, thanks to a friend who invited me to be his roommate back in 2012 and since then i’ve been praising the beauty of the country and the Pura Vida lifestyle. I’m writing this to inspire the beautiful adventurous spirit in all of us, and specifically for a few friends (J&J you know who you are) who are moving to Costa Rica next week! May your journey be filled with joy, serenity and beauty!

Here are 6 Breathtaking pictures of Costa Rica that will make you want to immediately quit your job and book a flight…

1. Rio Celeste: Tenorio Volcano National Park



Rio Celeste is known to have some of the bluest water in the world, as you can see it’s incredibly beautiful!

2. Monteverde & Arenal





Tabacon Hot Springs Arenal

Monteverde is known for it’s sky bridges and rainforests, a beautiful place full of mysticism and wonder.

3. Cocos Island




Cocos island is a beautiful pristine tropical oasis!

4. Matapalo Costa Rica (Casa Del Cabo)



5. Pavones, Corcovado National Park & Beach



6. Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste


As you can see Costa Rica is incredibly beautiful. The beaches, mountains, coastline, rainforest, cloudforest, waterfalls, hot springs, jungles, and wildlife! It truly is a mystical oasis of enchantment. If you visit Costa Rica or plan on it I recommend visiting Rio Celeste, Monteverde, La Fortuna, Arenal and a beach town on the coast! I lived in Tamarindo. Definitely enjoy the hot springs, beaches, and beautiful wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer, and to think didn’t even get to add in pictures of volcanoes or beaches! that’s how much beauty there is to see.

While you’re there enjoy the food! tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, mango, coffee, chocolate and other local foods! Get a Casado dish (the typico Costa Rican dish) and drink plenty of coconut water (agua de pipa) on the beach!

If I had to sum Costa Rica up in 5 words they would be Nature, Food, Fun, Wildlife, and… Pura Vida!

The first time I lived in Costa Rica I stayed for just over 5 months and during that time I looked like I aged backwards about 2 years. The healthy food and environment and active lifestyle really kept me fit and healthy and I highly recommend fully embracing all that you can while there!

Here are a few videos of me in Costa Rica: Click Here To Watch Them.

Thanks for viewing these pictures! I hope you enjoyed them, be sure to share to inspire and awaken your friends adventurous spirit! Live free!

– Pura Vida