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As Christmas approaches, we all want to stay healthier this time of year. Maybe next year you have a goal of eating healthier, losing weight (in the form of fat), or getting to sleep earlier, or just living a more balanced life. Whatever it may be, the way we invest our resources today determines the way our life and health unfolds tomorrow. That is why I believe a gift that supports someone’s health is one of the best gifts that you can give!

I came up with a list of some great gift ideas that help create a healthier home, life, or environment for your family member or friends. Hopefully something on this list reminds you of someone and it’s a good gift fit for them! A few things on this list I will be getting for family members and/or friends myself.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamps

These Lamps emit negative Ions, reduce EMF’s and are a better more natural source of light for your eyes to see before going to sleep. Helps your body transition to sleep better as well as melatonin production, the sleep hormone. These are a great price and a must-have lamp for your bedroom.  They emit an orange amber-like glow that creates a relaxing mood.  You can browse salt lamps (currently on sale) at,

2. Health Drinks & Tea’s

There are a few health supplement drinks that taste great and are very nutrient dense.  Zamu and Zamu Gold are drinks with superfruits, cacao, cinnamon and mushrooms! They taste great, are great for the immune system, and the body as a whole.  Also, Matte Tea and Rainforest Treasure Tea make great gifts and are packaged in such a gift-way that it fits well! You can learn more at

3. Dark Chocolate

Honestly, who doesn’t like chocolate? I know that there are a few oddballs out there! But I love dark chocolate.  One of my favorite dark chocolate brands is endangered species.  They are non-gmo project verified and they also give a percentage of their profits to the rainforest as well! A great company all around with delicious chocolate.  You can learn more and browse the different flavors of chocolate by browsing amazon here.

4. Juicer

A great juicer to juice fruits and vegetables, mostly vegetables is a great gift! If you know someone in your family is learning about juicing and wants to start juicing a nice juicer will last years and will give them a great tool to use to get vegetables in their diet that they wouldn’t normally eat because they can juice them.  I have an omega juicer but am not a huge fan of it to be honest.  I would recommend browsing different juicers on amazon by clicking here, there are plenty to choose from!

5. Nutribullet Blender

The nutribullet is a great small sized blender that is great if you travel a lot or if you live in a place that has a small kitchen.  If you are getting a gift for a college student to stay healthy this is the perfect gift for them! Is great for college dorms and is a great machine to make smoothies and to blend fruits, vegetables and anything healthy into a nice shake, on the go as well! You can get a nutribullet blender here.

6. Intelliskin Posture Shirt

Intelliskin is a shirt that forms to your body, to support your posture.  It’s skin-tight and helps to align your back, shoulders and neck.  It really helps support your posture and kind of hold your spine in alignment for you which forces you to begin to stay postured when not using the shirt.  I really like it, it holds heat pretty well too so if you walk or run in the cold winters it’s a good undershirt to have for posture and staying warm.  You can learn more about intelliskin posture shirts here.

7. Shower Filter

One of the coolest and most unique gifts (that I think especially women would appreciate) is a shower filter that removes chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals.  When water is pure, softer, and free of these corrosive chemicals your skin is softer after taking a shower, and it’s also healthier for your hair and nails.  The skin, hair, and nails are healthier and not to mention that the approximate 8 ounces (or so) of water that your body absorbs while taking a shower will be more pure so your body benefits from that hydration more, it’s healthier.  You can learn more about the shower filter I like and use by watching this video.

8. Drinking Water Filter

Similar to a shower filter, a filtered pitcher to purify drinking water is a great gift of health.  I have searched for years to find a good priced product that removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals but most solutions I found were pricy machines that cost Several hundred, or even several thousand dollars.  Thankfully I found a water pitcher that is BPA free that removes chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals and is less than 100 bucks! it’s a great deal and a perfect gift.  You can learn more about that by clicking here.

9. Green Tea Powder

Green tea has amazing health benefits, and if you know someone who already drinks green tea this is a great gift, a sort of “super-gift” because the green tea powder gives you 30x the potency of regular green tea.  The powder is great to add to smoothies for a pre-workout routine, for energy.  Green tea is great for healthy cells, contain a lot of catechins which help to regulate cells and keep them healthy and balanced.  Green tea is also good for cholesterol, the mind, a healthy heart, and much more.  You can learn more about the green tea powder being used for smoothies and food here.

10. Weighted Vest And/Or Workout Equipment

As weird as a gift idea as this sounds for someone who is actively training for sports or athletics this is a great gift.  I got a weighted vest earlier this year and have used it during bar workouts such as pullups, chinups and dips and also wear it on a 2 mile walk.  it’s a great thing to have to add evenly distributed weight to be stronger and has a variety of purposes, so for someone training or wanting to be in great shape, it’s a great gift! a great gift paired with the green tea and/or intelliskin too for the serious athlete! you can learn more about the weighted vest at 

You can also see other health, wellness, beauty and fitness product recommendations listed here, that may be beneficial for the beneficiary of the health holiday gift!

11. A Biomat (pricey but awesome)

A biomat is a mat full of around 30 pounds of amethyst crystal with infrared heating technology. You lay on the mat and it improves circulation and calms your nervous system. It also stimulates the immune response because you’re increasing your body temperature through thermogenesis. It’s not cheap though, it’s around $1,700 but totally worth it! I have one myself and highly recommend it. You can read more about it (or get one for yourself, you deserve it) by clicking here.

12. Essential Oils!

Essential oils are a perfect gift this holiday season. They smell incredible, can be used topically for relaxation, soothing aches, pains and tension and have an uplifting feel. They help to balance brain chemistry, reduce stress, pain, tension and give the user more peace of mind. I use certified pure therapeuetic grade essential oils. They have individual oils or kit’s (like aromatouch is a relaxation kit) or other kit’s for other purposes. If you’re getting a gift for a woman you can NOT go wrong with this idea, it’s always received well. Learn more about essential oils by messaging me on facebook here.

13. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential oils are a great gift because you can use them topically to apply to your skin and get the benefits they entail such as reduced stress, strain, tension and pain but they are also therapeutic because of their smell. An aromatherapy diffuser is a device that holds water and several drops of any essential oil and diffuses this in that room. It can be used in a home, bedroom, office, wherever! They’re great because you can make your room smell like lemons, citrus bliss (tropical orange), or lavender, or geranium. This increases peace and helps the brain. It also improves sleep quality. There are plenty of aromatherapy diffusers on amazon, you can browse them by clicking here.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to gift something that helps the health and well being of those you love this holiday season instead of something that eats away at their mind, body or spirit… we have too much of that out there already! get them something positive that adds tangible value to their lives, they deserve it.

Until next time, Pura Vida!