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Tis the season, the flu season. Here are ten simple things you can do to boost immunity and avoid being sick this flu season instead of running to get the flu shot or an OTC drug that may have side effects.

1 Cold Pressed oils: olive oil, fish oils, nut and seed oils.  

Oils provide essential  fats and provide a source of omega-3 and omega-6 oils.  All essential in boosting immune system to be balanced and running on full capacity.

A good seed/nut oil blend for ADULTS is in the ration of 2:1 of omega-3:omega-6 fatty acids.  Fish oils as we all know provide these, but it isn’t exactly tempting.  In fact once I threw up after taking a fish oil capsule, not blaming it on the fish oil, but the taste afterwards made me seek out a better alternative to fish oil.  I also learned you should not take oils on an empty stomach, as your gall bladder cannot remove the oil if you don’t supplement with food.

One of the tastiest and most versatile sources is Hemp.  Hemp in all it’s forms is still illegal to produce in the US, but we Americans import over $2 billion a year in hemp based products.  Primarily in the form of food, and oil.  Hemp provides omega-3 and omega-6 at a ratio of 1:3 very high in omega-6, it is also a highly dense protein source and provides many other wonderful benefits.

Flax oil is another popular and versatile oil, it contains almost four times the omega 3 as omega 6 acids. It should not be used on it’s own as your oil supplement.

Olive oil remains the time tested winner for a source of balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Don’t be afraid of good old fashion animal fats, or if you just can’t eat a nice steak, then coconut oil is also a great source of essential fats.

2.  Fresh eggs, particularly raw egg yolk.  

This one makes me want to yak.  I just don’t dig raw egg.  But a good sunny side up is nice.  This can be something you provide for yourself in your back yard by getting yourself a couple laying hens.  Most towns allow for chickens, but not roosters.  Luckily you don’t need roosters to get eggs.  You just need a good egg laying chicken, a coop/nest, and some feed.  For you vegans, sorry, just not a substitute for the incredible edible egg when it comes to boosting immunity.

3.  Onions and garlic.

Don’t forget your breath mints!  Saute your garlic and onions in some olive oil, smother a nice fatty organic burger with it, and you’ve got the makings of a mighty healthy, immune boosting meal. You can also consume them raw. In the summer, you get the added benefit of mosquito repellent and immunity boost.

4.  Freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices

Those fancy juice machines you see displayed in grocery stores, and on late night tv. You need one to help boost your immunity!

Commercial juices are pasteurized which kills some of the beneficial bacteria your immune system needs. Most of these juicers provide recipes and can hep you find tasty mixes. Don’t fret, juicing provides one of the safest and most time tested methods for detoxification of your system as well. Plus children love juice, they love the colors, the taste, and is an easy way to finally get them to eat their vegetables. A combination of pineapple, carrot, and a little bit of beetroot in the morning will prepare your body for the coming meals.

5.  Regular consumption of greens: parsley, dill, coriander, spring onion and garlic, etc.

This doesn’t mean you have a salad once in a while. It means you consume these as a regular part of your day.  Parsley, dill and coriander can all be added as seasoning and flavoring to almost any meal. These can be consumed dried, or fresh. Parsley can also help with the breath left over from your onion and garlic.

6.  Probiotic supplementation and fermented foods.

For thousands of years fermented food has been a staple of diets. Today very few people in the US have had any fermented food other than alcohol. One of the easiest and most beneficial fermented foods is sauerkraut. Fermented white cabbage.  There are many great fermented fruit drinks you can easily make at home. Garden Of Life has a great probiotic supplement.

7.  Contact with animals: horses, dogs, cats, etc.  

Having a pet in the family can do a lot for a child’s immune system. One might be tempted to think that animal hair, and dander, dirt and slobber would be bad and expose kids to lots of germs. You would be partially right, it does expose children and adults, but that isn’t bad.  Exposure can help build and defend the immune system.  Research has also shown many other health benefits to pets, including reducing blood pressure.

8.  Physical activity outside, so you get fresh air!

Depending on where in the world the flu season hits you, this may not seem like as much fun. If you commit yourself to health, bundling up for a brisk walk every day won’t kill you. In fact it may keep you safer and healthier. Kids love to have snowball fights, and play in the snow. It can be a lot of fun for adults too. The key is to dress for being outside.  Don’t expect to wear comfortable clothes for the office on a day it is negative 15 degrees. With appropriate layered clothing the outdoors can be a winter wonderland.

9.  Swimming in unpolluted natural waters: lakes, rivers and the ocean.

This is the toughest of all the natural ways to boost your immunity in the winter.  Unless you like to do the polar bear plunge. The next challenge is to find waters that aren’t polluted.  Swimming in general is a great form of exercise, but chemicals and cleaners in most pools make them a bit toxic to the skin, hair and eyes.  If you can’t find a good pond to go skinny dipping in, or don’t want to dip in Lake Michigan in the middle of January a good salt water pool may be your best alternative.

Don’t be afraid to get out more in the warmer months and take advantage of this immune building activity.

10.  Exposure to sunlight and sensible sunbathing.

Sunlight activates vitamins in your body that cannot be activated any other way.  The recommendation is at least 30 minutes of sunshine a day.  Especially in our world of florescent lights and indoor work, natural sunlight is a must.  However; there are a vast array of artificial sunlight bulbs and tools for your use. These are used in light therapy, and in places that go without seeing sunlight for months on end.

By doing these ten things you can see a boost in your immune system this winter. By making them all a part of your regular lifestyle, you can see a boost to your immune system year round!