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I saw this video the other day that really ‘stirred my soul’ in a good way. It made me ask myself deep questions that resonated with my true purpose here on the planet which further cemented in why I’m building Healthy Wild And Free and why it is so important to be healthy, wild and free. To be healthy, awake, aware, open and to live a greener life that is in more harmony with nature and the wildlife around us.

lisa nichols

I believe our purpose is to be open, aware, awake and ALIVE. The vision I have for you is to help you become more open, aware and ALIVE by becoming “Healthy Wild And Free.” When you are healthy, wild and free you are realizing your infinite potential… Like an avatar creature walking in a beautiful rainforest surrounded by awe and beauty. You live on that same planet, whether you’ve realized it yet or not… The potential is infinite beyond your imagination, hopefully some of that can be unlocked.


This video really helped me realize ‘why I do what I do’ and hopefully it helps you ask yourself those important questions and to further agree why the mission for Healthy Wild And Free is so important.

You can watch this amazing talk here, click play below and you can enlarge it as well:

I hope that this made you think, feel and believe in the power you have when you are healthy. The purpose of being healthy stems into so many other areas of life and awakens so much greatness within you.

My life completely changed when I woke up to my true healthy, open, aware and awake-self.

You have so much potential, I hope that you realize that now… If you don’t then stay tuned to the Healthy Wild And Free articles, videos, facebook page and newsletter because I will be helping you unlock your energetic, emotional, and infinite awareness and potential by unlocking your health.

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Have a great day!

David Benjamin