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You don’t eat chocolate? not even dark chocolate? That’s what I ended up asking a lady at the checkout at the health food store tonight in Encinitas.

In my light and playful mood I asked “If I put this chocolate bar on that side of the bar will I get the chocolate for free?” jokingly saying that if I put it on her side she will pay for it on her bill and I will get free chocolate, (Dark chocolate) of course.

The lady at the cash register said no, she will just pay for it then get it! I laughed and said, yeah… guess that’s true.

I said, but who doesn’t like chocolate though? (Referring to the dark chocolate in my hand) The lady ringing her up said ‘yeah!’ and I said exactly, and then I asked the lady in front of me with produce such as vegetables, legumes, sprouts and an all healthy checkout if she liked chocolate.  She said no, almost in a strict way.  I asked ‘even dark chocolate?’ she said “no, I don’t eat any of that” and in an almost disapproving and strict voice implies that I might be a little stupid to be eating it…

I laughed to myself and thought ‘huh, okay’ 🙂

The funny thing about it was that I didn’t hold any strictness towards eating the dark chocolate.  For her, she resisted it strongly.  She felt a strong urge to AVOID the chocolate as opposed to my slight urge to enjoy the dark chocolate.

One lesson i’ve been learning as of late in life is to enjoy life as well as enjoy a healthy diet.  IF the strictness in your diet causes strictness, rigidity, or the lack of enjoyment of something you may enjoy like dark chocolate every once in a while then your healthy diet could be negatively effecting you.  If you are chomping on spinach and kale with a stressful, strict and negative attitude do you think that food will do the same thing in your body? If i’m laughing my ass of while i’m eating dark chocolate do you think that the chocolate will be more or less beneficial?

The bodies ability to energetically be positive or negative based on your state effects what you are ingesting.  Just watch the film ‘the secret life of plants’ or read the book “messages from water” by Dr. Emoto. The energy, whether positive or negative that we put around our food effects how they effect us.  Even the lack of energy you put around something can effect you! For example, if you are walking through the store and saying to yourself “I can’t have that, I can’t have that, I can’t have chocolate, I can’t have chips, I can’t have juice etc.” Do you think this is a good mindset to have? is it abundant?

I would recommend saying “I can have that, but i’d prefer not too because I can get ______ instead and get the same flavor, but it’s healthier for me.

For example, if you juice at home you can get a delicious green juice sweetened with apple as opposed to buying pasteurized apple juice from concentrate at the store.  That’s two completely different worlds as far as nutrition and value to your body goes.

You CAN have what you want, we live in an abundant universe! But if you are restricting yourself and saying “I can’t have _____” you are creating a strict, rigid and ultimately negatively resonated mind.  When you do this you stress your body, immune system and you actually get less nutritional value from the food you eat.

You might think… “David, this all sounds crazy and there’s no way it’s true! Well, read about the secret life of plants or the hidden messages in water and then you may think differently.

The reason I believe this to be true is because in my life I have eaten super healthy at times, just last month I ate perfectly healthy for over a full month straight.  This month I haven’t eaten as healthy (that’s a long story) but I feel good and will get back into my health groove.  My brother on the other hand doesn’t eat as healthy as me overall, so when I find out that he is healthier than me as far as organ health goes and the health of his full bodily systems it makes me think “what?” and he is always the one talking about the energy you put around food.

I think it’s important to realize that yes there is a chemical aspect around the food you eat and of course you should eat your greens, your veggies, fruits, eat as raw as you can and eat from nature…. But if you are stressing out, constraining, constricting and negatively tightening your viewpoint and limiting what you can enjoy over time you will stress yourself out and cause immune stress… along with not enjoy life as much.

Basically, you can eat chocolate (dark, i’d recommend) and veggies and be healthier than someone who only eats veggies… Just because of the energy you have around the food you eat and in life overall.

Until next time… PURA VIDA!

David Benjamin

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Also, eat some dark chocolate… dark chocolate (cacao) is great for the heart, it includes a lot of magnesium too… so it’s pretty good for your health and the heart after all… Funny 🙂