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Every once in a while I come across a famous actor, actress, musician, author or athlete and am happy that they ‘made it big’ and got all of the fame they did because they use it to the benefit of the planet, or mankind in general.  Woody Harrelson is one of those people that I admire and am glad is in the limelight because he’s one of the few health and green conscious promoting stars out there.

In a recent interview with Fortune magazine Woody Harrelson, while standing barefoot in front of a a tree that has been growing since 1827 tells how he has been trying to stop deforestation for the past 25 years, all from his organic farm and property in Hawaii.  He say’s he hasn’t eaten a hamburger since 1990 and sticks to a raw vegan diet.  He also avoids holding his cellphone to his hear for the purpose of avoiding harmful EMF rays.

In 6th grade Woody Harrelson wrote a 50-page paper on the destruction of natural habitat.  In 1992 he lobbied Congress to protect 6 million acres of forest in Montana.  Woody Harrelson doesn’t just believe in a healthier and greener lifestyle, he lives it.  Not only in his personal life but now with the eco-entrepreneur venture “Step Forward Paper” which is a new paper company that is focusing on creating paper from wheat waste by-products.


Previously they tried to create paper with different materials like hemp and flax but it was soon realized that using these types of sources are difficult to make paper with.   Between bites of quinoa and baba gannouj Woody Harrelson tells the reporter that The Paperless office is a myth.  Even with the digital world emerging and growing the demand for paper is still on the rise because of global demand and expansion, especially in China.

So, Harrelson and his Canadian partner Jeff Golfman are doing something about it.  Attempting to create and grow what seems to be the worlds first paper company made from what would otherwise be waste by-products.  Currently there are only 6 employees currently but they have ambitious goals, to raise $600 million to create a mill capable of mass producing environmentally friendly paper made from agricultural waste.

It’s cool to see people with both money and influence do what they can to make a positive impact and difference.  When you are this connected and have a lot of money I’m sure it’s easy for people like Woody Harrelson to invest their money in oil wells, “Natural Gas” and other types of non eco-friendly investments and get a great return.  But Woody wouldn’t have it any other way, instead he decides to take the road less traveled and venture out to make a positive impact by taking a big risk and hopefully making some profit for doing good in the process, which he well deserves.

I hope for the sake of our planet and the people on this planet that Woody Harrelson and Jeff Golfman succeed in creating this company, because it could change the way we operate and leave a much smaller footprint on the planet.  Please support their new company Step Forward Paper by liking their facebook page by clicking here:, I’m proud to be the 4,000th fan!

Please like, comment and share this snippet! Let’s get the word out about this paper company and support them to help them succeed in any way we can.

– David Benjamin

P.S. If you are reading this Woody or Jeff, Keep up the great work and let us know how we can help you!