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When I was in high school one of my teachers told our class that she brushed her teeth in the shower. At the time I thought that’s weird but i’ll give it a shot! I tried it out and actually liked it, it feels like you are cleaning your teeth better with all the shower water at the same time! 🙂

Brush Teeth in Shower

At the time I didn’t fully understand water purification, that the water was contaminated with fluoride, chlorine, traces of metals, pharmaceutical drugs… and who knows what else! But I did like the experience of brushing my teeth in the shower more because it felt like less of a chore and I probably brushed my teeth better in the shower because I was relaxed and wasn’t rushed to brush my teeth real quick. Really thoroughly brushing your teeth is the first reason I recommend brushing in the shower! You give your teeth a better cleaning job!

The other reason though is simply that if you are using a shower filter that removes the added chemicals and contaminants to water then you will be brushing your teeth with purer water that is much more beneficial to you and your health. You brush your teeth daily (or so I hope) and if you are using water that is from the tap it’s not nearly as healthy as purified water that filters out the added chemicals and junk.

Everyone loves that ‘get out of the shower’ squeaky clean feeling… Now when you get out of the shower you can have that squeaky clean feeling while running your tongue across your teeth and having that awesome polished feel as well! It’s a nice little health hack that makes the health of your teeth better and is simply a change in the way you brush your teeth each day.


The two main benefits of brushing your teeth in the shower are…

1. You take more time to brush your teeth so your teeth & gums are healthier! 

2. You are brushing in purified/filtered water so you are brushing your teeth and gums with higher quality water! 

I hope that you use it and enjoy it like I do!

Pura Vida (Means ‘Pure Life’)

David Benjamin

P.S. You can read my article about showering in contaminated toxins here.