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Essential oils are incredible healing tools, that can benefit your health and body in many different ways. Different essential oils have different therapeutic health and healing properties. With each having their own unique scent you’ll become accustomed to using them and love having them on hand. They can be diffused in an aromatherapy diffuser in your home to illuminate your home with the therapeutic scent as well as applied topically on the skin, or added to the bath.

There are so many ways to apply and benefit from essential oils, and with each having their own healing properties it becomes a bit of a game, that actually ends up smelling good, unlike other games ūüôā

White fir essential oil is an oil I have been using personally as of late and have been enjoying and benefiting from it thoroughly. It has a manly scent, finally! a manly smelling essential oil! It has a christmas, musk, pine smell that is really crisp, fresh and could easily replace any men’s cologne.

White fir essential oil contains a good amount of l-Limonene and d-Limonene. These are terpenes found in plants, basically just organic compounds.

D-Limonene and L-Limonene are¬†very beneficial. ¬†It is beneficial for the digestive system, metabolism, aiding the body in detoxification as well as benefiting in preventing disease. It has also been found to be beneficial for heart health as well as lowering cholesterol naturally. These are just the benefits we know of so far, it could have many benefits beyond this. This compound is typically found int he peels of citrus fruits such as lemons and¬†oranges, but it’s also found in high quantities in white fir essential oil.

This compound (found in high amounts in white fir oil) has many benefits. White fir essential oil is also very beneficial for respiratory health. If you have mucous, congestion or a stuffy chest this is a great oil to apply topically in the chest region.

It’s also very beneficial for joints and muscle aches and pains. It’s a strengthening oil that helps to strengthen and bring vitality to your body, in joints, tissue and ligaments but also in energy in general for the body and mind.

Interestingly enough I have been using this intuitively in my baths as of late and applying it to my shoulder, arm and armpit. This arm I dislocated twice earlier this year while in Costa Rica. It turns out I’m not quite the tarzan I thought I was, because the bottom of that waterfall was not so friendly to my arm when it popped out after hitting the water! I have noticed less tension and limited range of motion since using this oil in the bath. I have seen it benefit my damaged joint firsthand.

It’s also beneficial for sore muscles. Last night I biked 14 miles in 1:03 hours. After getting home I took a white fir essential oil bath and my legs are not one bit sore today. I also took some protein and collagen as well but mind you I do not bike that far that fast often and am getting back into being more active since the weather is warming up here in Michigan.

Firsthand, I can say that for joint and muscle health I have experienced the benefits firsthand. It may not be as beneficial for breathing as eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil, as these clear my sinuses quite quickly and white fir doesn’t but it does benefit it nonetheless.

As with any essential oil, the aroma also has an affect on brain chemistry. White fir is an oil that comes from a tree that has pine-like needles. It’s fresh and what I can say personally is that it really does a great job centering and grounding me both mentally and emotionally. This is what trees do, they’re grounding with roots deep in the earth. Tree-based essential oils do the same, and white fir is no exception. ¬†Smelling this oil (whether applied topically or diffused) will give you a renewed sense of centeredness, groundedness, and a strong tangible connection to your environment. It’s effects are grounding and rooting yet expansive and uplifting, it feels different than any other oil and really resonates with me personally.

The great thing about essential oils is that you get the physical benefit, as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual benefit just from smelling the aroma.

White fir essential oil just may top your list of favorite essential oils once you try it. It’s antiseptic, anti-pain, detoxification, metabolism and respiratory health benefits speak for themselves. Try it in your home, topically, in a diffuser or in your next bath!

I recommend getting CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) white fir essential oil from doterra by clicking here. This is the brand I use and really can tell a difference in essential oil quality from them.