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If you liked the healthy wild and free facebook page you are probably wondering ‘what’s all this about?’ and in this post today i’m going to explain the purpose and intention behind healthy wild and free and what will be upcoming for it.

The purpose of healthy wild and free is to inspire people like yourself to live healthier and more eco-conscious lives. Basically, eat green and live green.

This planet we live on is a beautiful place and we can keep it that way simply by deciding to eat healthy and use products that are from nature and don’t cause a lot of ‘wear and tear’ on our planet and environment. It’s easy to do! and not only that living healthier and greener is also cheaper and you have more energy, a more vibrant life and just a happier life all around.

I’m all about creating healthy, positive sustainable change. I feel the best way for me to inspire that is through educating on living a healthier and greener life. Why am I so adement about living a green life as well? a few reasons, the first one being that the greener you live the healthier you are. Why not live greener to improve your health? The second reason is that our planet is full of amazing beauty and art, that’s what nature is! why ruin that beauty and art for useless over-consumption.

Society has gotten to a place where it’s bloated with consumption and consumerism and it’s all on junk that doesn’t actually improve your core being. It’s software, not hardware. If you improve the hardware the software built on top of it can be improved much better! Why spend money on useless junk when you can improve your whole life experience?

I fully believe that the best financial investment that you can make is into yourself and specifically into your health.

Hopefully you agree with me and are excited for what is to come with healthy wild and free. If not, no worries… maybe you will see a new perspective over time.

Below are a few videos explaining a bit more about healthy wild and free and why you should see your health as an investment.

Healthy wild and free is about living green, eating green and keeping the planet green. The healthier decisions we make about our diet and lifestyle the more enjoyable it is and the more beautiful the planet is.

One message that I feel is very important is to understand why your health is an investment, and the best investment you can possibly make. In the video below I explain why…

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Peace, Love & Hippie Juice! 🙂

David Benjamin