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If I had less than 30 seconds to inspire an everyday citizen to live a healthier life my advice would be very simple and direct. My advice would be to eat more organic, raw fruits and vegetables and to drink more water each day. Just increase those three things in your life and your health will improve. Unfortunately giving that advice is much easier (it only takes a few seconds) than actually doing it and following through each day.

You Have To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy

You can do this by tricking yourself into eating healthier options. Healthier alternatives that taste similar but still give you that “fix” in taste that you’re looking for. Whether it’s the salt, the sugar, the bread, cheese or meat. There’s always a way to revamp your diet and give yourself those tastes without consuming more of the crap.

  • You can upgrade your salt from regular table salt to sea salt or himalayan salt.
  • You can use organic stevia (this brand is DELICIOUS) instead of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.
  • You can have breads that are free from grains and gluten completely and still enjoy them!
  • You can eat organic meat and dairy or better yet replace them with vegetarian options that still taste great.

There is always a solution. Always a way to enjoy life and the tastes you love without compromising your health in the process. That’s a message I would really like the entire world to hear. Unfortunately, all too often it goes unheard. By simply eating more organic raw fruits and vegetables and drinking more water you’re giving your body more of what it needs to be healthy.

More Fruits And Vegetables Give You More…

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Polyphenols
  5. Phytochemicals
  6. Trace Minerals
  7. Amino Acids
  8. Enzymes
  9. Prebiotics and Probiotics
  10. This list goes on and on!

What I have done over the years is not only develop a mental framework that fruits and vegetables are a daily thing but also supported that belief with a mental framework that includes things in my kitchen that make it easier. This video explains further:

These 3 items have helped me eat more organic, raw, nutritious fruits and vegetables each day.

  1. Nutribullet Blender 
  2. Larger Wooden Salad Bowl 
  3. Good Life Temperature Controlling Stainless Steel Water bottle (For home and the road!)

I hope that these suggestions help you get more nutrition and hydration in your day to day routine.

Cheers to living Healthy, Wild And Free!