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I was recently listening to the Joe Rogan podcast to the episode with Dave Asprey and Tait Fletcher as guests and they started talking about how corporations are patenting seeds, the human genome and how absurd it is. One aspect of the conversation that caught my attention was how both chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies historically stem from Big Oil companies.

This was interesting to me because part of the mission of Healthy Wild And Free is to help you understand the connection between the environment, our health and overall well-being. The oil industry is a massive industry, selling 3.5 billion gallons of oil each day worldwide. This oil is used for much more than running your car, it is used for energy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemical companies and fertilizers.

Think about this for a minute, What toxic industries and corporations come from Big Oil?


1. The fertilizer industry
2. Your cosmetics
3. Big pharma
4. Energy to run your car and home.
5. Large Chemical Companies
6. Plastic
7. The countless oil spills

These industries and toxic effects all stem from Big Oil.  So the question is how can we become less dependent on big oil and become more sustainable in our own lives so that we can shrink the oil industry and create a greener and more sustainable future for us and our children?

The biggest step I believe we can take is to begin driving cars that run off anything but Oil.  You have the option now to buy or lease an electric car such as the Chevy Volt, or Tesla, or Fisker Karma.  These cars will help you travel for less as well! The other option is to convert your car to run off water or alcohol fuel.  Didn’t know this was possible? Look into it further! You can get David Blume’s Alcohol Can Be A Gas book here. You can learn how to run your car on water by clicking here.

How else can you reduce oil consumption to save money and create a greener future? Drive less.  Most people run one errand at a time, run to the grocery store to grab a few things.  I recommend driving and strategically saving time and gas money by stopping and completing a few errands at the same time to save time, money and oil consumption.

We can live a greener, more sustainable and more beautiful future if we simply choose to use less oil by driving less or converting our cars to run on water or alcohol fuel.  We can also use all natural skincare products that are free of petroleum by-products, buy organic produce that are not grown with fertilizer and use bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, wood and other organic materials as opposed to plastic based products.

You can also talk to your boss/manager and work out a deal in order to work remotely from home.  One of my friends recently did this and will be working from home starting this week.  He will be saving about $150 a month in gas and a lot of time and stress from traffic in the process.  What’s better than saving money, time and helping the environment all at once? Think about this and try it out, the worst answer you could get is a no, but it’s worth a shot right?

We have choices and our choice to make them is what determines how much oil and petroleum by-products we consume.  Make better choices and do your research, we can make small improvements day by day and live healthier and greener more sustainable lives starting today.

Until next time… Pura Vida!

– David Benjamin

P.S. Please share below how you have made your life greener, more sustainable and have become less dependent on oil recently. I would love to hear them!