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I came across this image on facebook the other day and wanted to share it because it’s important to stay hydrated and sometimes we don’t drink enough water. If we don’t drink enough water we better sure as hell make sure to eat enough hydrating foods to get the water our body needs to function optimally!

Here are the top 10 hydrating foods:

1. Cucumber
2. Watermelon
3. Pineapple
4. Romaine Lettuce
5. Tomatoes
6. Blueberries
7. Cilantro or Parsley, Which is it?
8. muskmelon
9. Grapefruit
10. Pear

Here’s all of them in beautiful color!

top hydrating foods


Get these in your diet and spread the word!

Pura Vida – (It means ‘pure life’)


David Benjamin