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Several months ago I wrote an article entitled “This is what happens when you put cut up onions in your socks while you sleep” and it took the internet by storm. Many large blogs with millions of facebook fans used my article on their website and the picture of my foot with an onion in my sock went viral. I probably had the most famous feet in the world for those two weeks with millions seeing it. People thought I was either crazy or genius, but it really has nothing to do with me.

Putting an onion in your sock, and using an onion in a variety of ways dates back way before my time. I just dug it up and shared it with the world. To understand why onions are so valuable you need to understand basic science. Onions contain phosphoric acid which helps to purify the blood and fight infections, germs and bacteria. It’s anti-inflammatory and beneficial to your health and well-being. Most people think you have to eat or in some way ingest the onion to get the beneficial properties of phosphoric acid but that is not the full truth. This is the part that confuses most people!

Our body can take in nutrients and synthetic chemicals alike in a variety of ways. Eating, drinking, smelling or applying anything to your skin topically, also known as transdermal application. This opens a lot of understanding for most people. If you smell certain fruits, plants or essential oils for example your brain chemistry and nervous system can change quite quickly. You didn’t eat or drink anything but you can change your neurological and physiological state still.

This is what’s great about onions! They can be used in so many ways. Just cut open an onion and start putting your face all in that beautiful vegetable, you’ll see what I mean! Onions have internal effects for our health when they come into contact with our body without ingesting them.

So why cut up a piece of onion and put it in your ear while you sleep?

The phosphoric acid in the onion goes to work in your ear killing anything that may be a potential health issue. If you have ear infections try this, if you have ringing in your ear (known as tinnitus) try this, if you feel that you have too much earwax in your ear you can use this to help soften and remove some of that earwax.

The phosphoric acid and anti-bacterial properties of onions work to keep your ears healthy and prevent infection, or to help heal a current infection. If anything else you’ll hear better and reduce excess earwax buildup!

Instructions For Onion In Ear Remedy:

1. Use Organic Onions Only:

Non-organic onions contain quite a few pesticides which you do NOT want sitting in your ear all night. (Very important)

2. Use The Middle Part Of The Onion:

When you cut the piece of the onion apply the middle part of the onion facing outward (the center/the heart that is slightly more yellow) to the outside of your ear.

3. Leave It In Overnight, Remove In The Morning:

Make sure it’s in a good position so it stay’s in you ear overnight then remove it in the morning. Rinse your ears with water so that you can remove any phosphoric acid or onion residue containing dead bacteria or earwax.

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