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When it comes to food our relationship with food is developed in our childhood. If that relationship with food is healthy, we benefit in our childhood and hopefully that understanding of food and healthy preparation carries over into our adulthood. I can say that for me personally that my mom was health conscious and did her best to feed her children organic, whole foods and healthy meals.

It didn’t quite carry over into my adulthood though. At 19 years old I was eating a diet of primarily tv dinners and potato chips. At this point in my life I was thin but ‘puffy’ for lack of a better term. I had difficulty falling asleep, quite a bad case of insomnia. I also started having heart palpitations. This scared me, I thought to myself this can’t be normal. I’m 19 years old and my heart is skipping beats.

From this I decided to give my mom a call because she was and has always been passionate about health and wellness in one way or another. She’s also a stage 4 cancer survivor and is now cancer free (over 15 years later) without any chemotherapy, radiation or standard cancer treatment. She told me to do a few things, take a magnesium supplement, drink more water and start walking consistently. I did those three things exactly as she said and my heart palpitations went away. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Thankfully I didn’t have a lot of years of unhealthy habits and it was a quicker and easier fix, I realize it isn’t that easy for some people. This left an impression on me though and started my journey into health, well-being, longevity, nutrition, superfoods, herbs and so much more!

Everyone has their story, this is part of mine. I wanted to share a story with you today though that may help you or help you help a loved one if they are dealing with autoimmune diseases (seen as incurable) or rheumatoid arthritis, or chronic Inflammation. His story is similar to mine in certain ways and through all of his challenges he has come out of them victorious. I found his story inspiring and if you’re dealing with chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis or “incurable” (quote on quote) autoimmune diseases of any kind this may benefit you.

He got some of his answers from his grandma who said things like “eat a pack of dirt before you die” and “trust your gut” and “you are what you eat.”

As you can see, he now has no biomarkers for Rheumatoid arthritis in his blood, no chronic inflammation or pain and no autoimmune diseases.

The food you eat and the diet you choose does have an impact, take it from Seamus Mullen. His health, life and happiness changed by deciding to make a simple change in the way he ate on a day to day basis.

There are 160 autoimmune related diseases. Arthritis is only one of them. If you suffer from digestive ailments such as IBS, gas, bloating or leaky gut you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease. Approximately 17% of Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease or another. Women are effected at a higher rate. 24% of American women in America are effected by an autoimmune disease. If you have already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I highly recommend visiting this website and registering for the upcoming series called “Betrayal” which is a 7-day free online documentary series with 85 expert (scientists and doctors) interviews on the topic of autoimmune disease. You can register for that by clicking here.