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There are many beneficial organic whole foods that are beneficial in preventing cancer and there is plenty of science to prove it. If you eat more organic fruits and vegetables you can reduce your chances of forming cancer dramatically. That would mean cutting out the sugar and easy snacks and actually taking time to prepare healthy, nutritious, disease-preventing food. This is a challenge for most people because it’s easier to eat cheap and fast.

If you’ve already gone down that road and have cancer it can be a difficult one. I’ve seen my mom suffer through stage 4 colon cancer and barely survive. It’s a tough disease to go through and it is a challenge for most people to survive cancer. Hopefully this information today will be helpful to you or a loved one if you ever have cancer or to simply use it as a preventative measure.

Grape seeds contain a group of phytochemicals which are antioxidants known as specifically as proanthocyanidins. Researchers believe the anti-cancer benefits of grape seed extract come from these proanthocyanidins, which contain more antioxidant power than vitamins C and E.

But grape seeds also contain Vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and other beneficial nutrients. This nutritional profile helps to prevent cancer because of the high antioxidant content of proanthocyanidins as well as the unique vitamin and antioxidant profile. It is also beneficial for cholesterol as well as cardiovascular health.

In recent years research has shown that grape seed extract:

  • Reduced the amount of tumors that developed and reduced the size of existing tumors in mice topically applied with grape seed extract.
  • Giving mice dietary grape seed extract prevented skin papillomas from turning into carcinomas.
  • Grape seed extract significantly inhibited a type of precancerous colon lesion in a study on rats.
  • Multiple studies found that Grape seed extract causes prostate cancer cells to die.

Not only that but now a new study recently published by the medical journal Plos One shows that for the first time that grape seed extract is a wonder supplement in the fight against cancer, it aids in chemotherapy’s effectiveness in killing colorectal (Colon) cancer cells. Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in America. Beyond that it also reduces chemotherapy’s painful and harmful side effects.

Researchers say that adding grape seed extract to chemotherapy is a new approach to bowel cancer treatment, enhancing chemotherapy’s cancer-beating effects and reducing intestinal damage. Egyptians and Greeks have consumed grapes and wine for thousands of years for their beneficial anti-cancer, cardiovascular and health benefits, I guess they were onto something! You can search for grape seed extract on amazon for as little as 10 bucks by clicking here. It is recommended to take around 200 MG per day. The range is anywhere from 50 mg up to 500 mg per day.  The dosage would change if you have cancer and are going through chemotherapy.
Image: wikipedia