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In today’s podcast I interview Jason Seib, who is a husband and father to three magnificent daughters. He is the author of The Paleo Coach, owner of Clackamas Physical Conditioning in Oregon, and partner on the Everyday Paleo team with Sarah Fragoso. After his wife and 3 little girls, fitness and nutrition are unparalleled passions in his life. He would prefer to read studies and scientific articles than do pretty much anything else that might occupy his time, with the exception of applying his knowledge to help people reach their goals. He takes great pleasure in playing the roll of the heretic. Mainstream nutrition and fitness are so badly broken that the scientific truths about health, fitness, and weight loss are near mirror opposites of accepted “common knowledge”, and he loves helping people find those truths. Empowering people with a much needed new perspective is how he gets his kicks, and his success rate with the frustrated fat loss crowd is proof that life is good for this fitness and nutrition geek.

Tune into the interview below:

The_Paleo_Coach_Jason_Seib_Interview In this interview we discuss the paleo diet, the paleo lifestyle, fitness, gaining and losing weight, as well as fat.  If you are looking to improve your physique and live a healthier more energetic lifestyle then this interview will give you some golden nuggets to do so.  Whether you are a meat eater or not, there is a lot of insight in this interview to help you live a healthier life and to make smarter decisions on a moment by moment basis to improve your health, strength and vitality. We also discuss calories, ATP, glucose, blood sugar levels, fats, carbs and how this all affects your energy levels and ability to build muscle and strength. You can pick up a copy of Jason’s book The Paleo Coach by Clicking Here. You can learn more about Jason Seib and his work at:

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