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Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, industry journalist, commercial brewing consultant, founder of Kombucha Kamp and mentor to thousands of homebrewers around the world. Over the last 5 years, she and partner Alex LaGory have documented the dramatic growth of the bottled Kombucha business, on pace to become a $500 million dollar segment by 2015, while helping shepherd companies of all sizes through the commercial Kombucha process. They recently founded Kombucha BrewersInternational, the first non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting Kombucha worldwide.

hannah-crumTheir writings and workshops have been featured on the Veria Network as well as in Bev Net, Beverage Spectrum Magazine, Whole Life Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Best Bets, Elephant Journal, Vital Juice and many more. Learn to brew healthful, delicious Kombucha, find out more about Continuous Brewing (“The Ancient Method”), keep up on Kombucha industry news and enjoy videos, podcasts & brewing secrets at the #1 Kombucha site in the world!

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