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It’s not often that you see health and wellness technology advancing as it should. We see technology on the internet advancing quickly, cell phones that are waterproof, electric cars and innovative consumer technology. It is not often that we see health technology evolving, or keeping up with the pace of transportation technology or consumer electronic innovation.

Health and wellness seems not to be as prioritized as these other areas of technological innovation. The technology advancing quickly and there is a lot of potential to pair technology with health and wellness and create solutions that will change the world, and eventually make doctors obsolete. That’s right, one day our doctor will be an app in our pocket, not a physical person to go see. That’s a 24/7 doctor!

Several months ago I stumbled on a company known as Viome. Viome is changing the way we eat and handle our gut microbiome and health with a simple test and app. They test your stool and share that information with you in your app. Your app then guides and educates you on which foods to eat based on the current state of your gut microbiome.

There is no “Universal Healthy Diet”

The challenge with the health and wellness educational space in which I work is that everyone has a different diet or series of recommendations they make. There are environmental factors, genetic factors, toxins, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and more. These ALL influence what you should eat and why you should eat in a particular way. It is all USELESS unless you know what your gut currently looks like. The video below explains how to know where your gut is at and what technology you can utilize in more detail:

If you are looking to lose weight, to truly burn belly fat and have had trouble with past diets. If you are struggling from autoimmune disease of any kind. If you have bloating, gas or any digestive issues that are ongoing and don’t know what to do…

Try Viome. Give it a shot. It’s worth it. It’s the best diet coach in your pocket that I can recommend.

Visit: by clicking here, and enter WILDANDFREE at checkout to receive $25 off your test.

I am happy and grateful that a company like this exists and more than happy to endorse them. I have shared a lot of dietary advice, and interviewed people who share diet advice on the Healthy Wild And Free podcast, but no one including myself can give you better diet advice than this. Get tested and get your diet on track today.