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Subliminal advertising has become part of the American culture, we see it everywhere without noticing it because it is so immersed into our brains that it’s become a form of entertainment. Subliminal advertising is misleading and covert, linking and correlating a better sexual experience with better looking sexual partners as an attachment, a type of extension of their product. But let’s get real! who has ever drunk coca-cola or eaten mcdonald’s and had better sex or more sex because of either of these? I never have, have you?

Subliminal advertising is a method that large mega fast-food corporations use to open your subconscious mind and suggest ideas to you in order to benefit their business profits and bottom line, we see them all the time but it isn’t until we look closer that we see the actual subliminal messages. In the video below you will learn why it’s important to ignore and opt-out of these messages and how it affects your decision making process.

The more mindful you can become of your choices, what you drink, what you eat and just practicing mindfulness and awake consciousness in everyday life the more empowered you are to make smarter choices and to not be influenced by the BS.

I hope you enjoyed the video and found a few of the subliminal advertisements laughable, there’s no fast food company that will subliminally trick me into thinking I will get ANY benefit from their establishment, and I hope you feel the same way!

Please share this video if it made you laugh or you were educated by it in any way, thanks for spreading the word!

– David Benjamin