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We all love waking up from a good nights rest. There’s nothing quite like it is there? Waking up feeling rested, ready to take on your day. A good nights sleep can be evasive at times though. Waking up feeling rested and energized is worth it’s weight in gold, but how do we achieve that?

The latest health science is showing that sleep may be more important for health than diet and exercise combined. What does that mean exactly? That sleep science is a new field of study and that we’re finding it to be much more valuable than previously thought.

We know that diet is incredibly important. This determines the amount of nutrient that your body receives. Your organs, tissue, cells and entire being are reliant on these nutrients to function optimally. Exercise is also very important. The blood flow, circulatory system benefits greatly. The lymphatic tissue and fluid only moves when you exercise and move your body.

Without movement your body becomes stagnant and the body gets plugged up. Sleep is so important because this is the time when our physical, emotional and mental body get a break and get to reset and recover.

In the latest youtube video I shared the top 3 sleep hacks to improve sleep health. Watch it below:

There are different factors that influence the quality of your sleep. The lighting in your home. The amount of time you spend looking at screens at night. The time when you eat/don’t eat or drink/don’t drink.

We live in a world full of artificial lighting, blue light. This disrupts our circadian rhythm, therefore our hormones such as melatonin. When sleep hormones are off our sleep quality decreases.

These are all important factors that determine the quality of your sleep.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve sleep health, how lighting affects your sleep and how to optimize your environment for higher quality sleep, listen to this interview with Jenna Keane, she’s the COO at True Dark. A company working to block junk light. To help people improve their sleep.