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I work with the documentary film company known as “The Truth About Pet Cancer” – (not employed, just sharing their events and promoting their work) and I really appreciate what it is that they do in the world. Truly. As part of what I do I reach out to different organizations to help share and promote these events. I reached out to The Dodo and Cesar Milan (The dog whisperer) who are both big advocates of pets, animals, dogs.

Thinking they would be excited to be a part of a series as a promotional partner may have been a bit of an expectation, but the response I got from both parties was… well, disheartening and highly unprofessional to say the least. I’m very professional and courteous and always respectful. It’s my job to share information and see if we can create synergy.

My voice may not reach 1o million people like The dodo everyday, or the millions that Cesar Milan reaches. But I hope that this message resonates with those who love their pets, because i’m not going to be silent when things are simply BACKWARDS.

I would be doing humanity and all pets everywhere a disservice if I did not do my job. Unfortunately I ran head first into brick walls with both of these organizations only to learn that they may have built these brick walls themselves to avoid people like me.

Here’s how the conversation with The Dodo and Cesar Milan went south:

Here’s How The Conversation Went With The Dodo:

Their Response:

I do appreciate the Dodo for at least getting on a phone call with me and emailing me back. They handled it professionally “at face value” and much better than Cesar Milan (as you’ll soon see below) but where they didn’t handle things professionally was.

  1. Doing their research and homework. 
  2. Taking me up on my offer to introduce them to Ty personally. 
  3. Caring More About Pet Health Than Their Corporate Sponsors (My 2 cents) 

    That goes to show you that they wouldn’t have promoted it either way. Even if they could (and easily could have) learned that Ty has a great heart and does what he does to serve. I’d imagine that their pet food sponsors wouldn’t be happy if they promoted an event that shared how crappy their products were. Let’s face the facts folks. 

The Dodo Was Bad, Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) Was Worse:

I emailed Cesar Milan’s team 5 times. On the 5th email I got ONE response and never heard back. I then followed up 13 times with them. No response. 

Then, to top it off they blacklisted my email. See “Postmaster” above? All emails prior delivered but then this came back: From

I emailed Lisa (who works for Cesar) a total of 18 times. I got one response and nothing after that. Each follow-up was cordial. Something along the lines of “Just checking in to see if you’ve had a look yet.” etc.

This doesn’t include the 20 or so tweets that I sent Cesar Milan personally from my twitter account. @Davidbeking.

It may be shocking to you that these large pet brands and names didn’t even consider a partnership opportunity that fits perfectly with their brand. It doesn’t fit perfectly with their corporate sponsors. They must be bought out by the big food, big pharma medicine in their own ways.

I also contacted one of the largest pet insurance companies in the United States, the call went really well but they disapproved also. They handled it much more professionally (like a real business) compared to ole whispering Cesar over here.

Please keep in mind that many A-List doctors, celebrities and best-selling authors (including Hay House publishing, the largest spiritual book publishing company in the world) promote their events. Some of the largest health websites in the entire world promote their events. They have a GREAT name within the health and wellness commtunity. In fact, there’s a celebrity (singer, actress) in this next Truth About Pet Cancer series. Airing free now.

Their business is handled with integrity. They focus on prevention, awareness and alternative treatments for cancer and other disease. Their research is science backed. They deserve THE BEST.

Essentially, they share information that Big pharma does NOT want you to know. Why? Well, chemotherapy or radiation are extremely profitable. The cancer business is massive. How massive? $200 Billion a year massive. That’s with a B. In my lifetime alone that’s trillions of dollars earned JUST from chemotherapy, not including radiation and surgery. Sign up for the event free here.


Each year, over 6 million dogs and 6 million cats are diagnosed with cancer.

Just this year alone…

1 in 1.65 dogs…

1 in 3 cats will get cancer.

Are you kidding me? And we have to beg our “Pet Brands” to share this information and they STILL say no?

Ty and the team also created a comprehensive quiz to help you understand how to better take care of your pet. You can take that quiz by clicking the image below (will take you to quiz site):

The truth about pet cancer is a 100% free to watch documentary series (sign up here) that educates you on pet cancer, prevention, nutrition. It’s free to watch. You can donate to the cause if you’d like. That’s not taking advantage of people. That’s called “Doing everything good you can for the world and PRAYING that your faith in humanity pays off.”

While The Dodo and Cesar Milan may care about pets, and pet health, and even preventing pet cancer… It appears that their corporate sponsors are more important to them, and that saddens me as an animal lover.

The support this organization receives keeps it going, and they need our support now more than ever. Even if you cannot financially support them please. Watch the trailer for this event below and sign up to watch it here.

  1. Sign Up To Watch The Series Here.
  2. Share This Story On Facebook. The truth matters.Our pets matter. For some of us this is our only companion. Thank you for listening. I know that you care more about your pet than a corporately funded organizations like the dodo or Cesar Milan ever will. Enjoy this event free on Ty and their team by signing up today.

P.S. If you aren’t interested in the event, you may enjoy the “Pet Health Secrets” free ebook written by Ty Bollinger. You can grab a free copy to download here.