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I am constantly in search for the latest and greatest when it comes to health products and health technology. It’s my job to be on the cutting edge. Recently I was browsing David Avocado Wolfe’s facebook page and a video caught my eye. Interestingly, the video was about a new cell phone case that reduces radiation and emf (electro-magnetic frequency) exposure to the body by 99%. Surprised and curious and a bit doubtful I visited the website and did some further reading and research.

Sure enough to my surprise the cell phone case checked out. Maybe you have you seen those products that claim to reduce cell phone radiation exposure before. They tend to look like little rubber circles you stick on your phone. Seen them? I’ve had a few over the years for various phones. Probably not the best cell phone radiation protection that you can get. Why? No science behind their claims. Furthermore, they always lose their stickiness and fall off, then it’s simply a waste of money.

How To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation By 99% (Lab Proven)

Seems like there would be more solutions to reducing cell phone radiation considering how harmful radiation and EMF’s are. Maybe it’s simply because not enough people are aware of the harmful effects of the radiation that comes from cell phones. I’m really not sure.

What most health conscious people still do not know is that cell phones emit multiple types of radiation. The products currently on the market may only reduce some of these forms of radiation. There are RF’s, ELF’s and Thermal radiation emitted by your phone.

So what does radiation do? how does it effect your health? I made a video to share the effects of cell phone radiation on your health and body. Watch it here:

How Cell Phone Radiation Effects Health

  1. Headaches & Tension: Radiation is charged positive ions that build up and cause tension and headaches. Ever talk on the phone for an hour or two and then have tension or a headache during or after the call? Most likely from the radiation emitted by your phone. Personally this is something I have experienced.
  2.  Aches & Pain: Radiation is tiring, even in small doses. If you’re constantly on your phone without any protection from radiation then the buildup of positive ions in your body accumulates at a faster rate. This leads to ‘blockages’ in your body. More stagnancy and less flow. Radiation is also pro-inflammatory meaning it causes inflammation which can lead to aches and pain.
  3. Infertility: Studies have found that men have increased infertility with increased phone use. Want to have kid’s one day and haven’t yet? Then you’d better get a safesleeve cell phone case asap.
  4. Brain Tumor/Cancer: Studies have also found that cell phone radiation increases the risk of a cancerous brain tumor. It makes sense. Blasting your brain with radiation is harmful, especially when it’s done non-stop with no protection. One study found that children are 5 times more likely to develop a brain tumor/cancer if they used cell phones under the age of 18!! If you have kid’s that use a cell phone getting a case is a very smart buy. Woman who store their phones in their shirt near their breasts are increasing their risk of breast cancer also.

    Essentially, using your cell phone without a safesleeve case is like having promiscuous sex with a new person each day without wearing protection, in that case a condom! Or vetting your sexual partner better! I’m joking, but also very serious. Just because you can’t see the radiation does not mean that it’s effecting your health each day. In this case a case protecting against radiation. If I had to guess i’d venture to say that a case for your cell phone is probably more necessary than the latter example. Still, something to compare it too! How crazy it is not to have protection from cell phone radiation when it’s really cheap to get. You can get a safesleeve cell phone case here.

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Beyond safesleeve cases protecting against cell phone radiation (all forms by 99%) which have been FCC tested and certified, they have other benefits also. The case has card holders to hold essential cards such as your license and credit card. The military grade material not only protects against radiation but protects against identity theft also. The material is RFID chip blocking so that thieves cannot access your credit/debit card information while the cards are contained in the case. How cool is that?

The case also folds up so that you can set your phone down and watch a video without folding it. So, beyond radiation protection, drop protection, identity protection you have the benefit of having ease of use with this product. I got one for my phone recently and absolutely love it. I only wish that I had found out about it sooner. You can learn more about how radiation effects a child’s brain, what Dr. Sanjay Gupta has to say about radiation, and studies showing the effects of radiation on the human body and brain by clicking here.