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Recommended Products

Part of my mission with the Healthy Wild and Free podcast, blog, and online community is to find and recommend products that positively impact your health, life, and overall wellbeing.  I do not take any sponsorships or recommend ANY products for compensation if I do not believe in them.  The products listed below I personally use or own and am a proponent of based off my research and using them personally.  I spend my extra money on improving my health, fitness, and on green products that are healthier for myself as well as the planet.

I hope that you get a chance to try these products out, they mean a lot to me and my health and I hope that you care for yourself enough to invest in your health and try these as well.  You will heal and regenerate parts of your body by using these products, I’ve already done so in my life, and i’m young! so if you are older than me you’ll notice an even bigger difference using these products.

Amazon Herb Line of Products: These are wildcrafted organic herbs from the amazon rainforest mostly, some of which Chinese herbs.  They also have organic camu camu, organic blue green algae as well as an organic skincare line and tea’s.  A percentage of sales goes to the ACEER foundation which supports the amazon rainforest in education and environmental research.  You can read more and order at I recommend starting by using fiberzon and envirozon, these are two of my favorite products for Colon & Liver health and overall digestive health and detoxification.  Una de gato is also a great herb that they carry for the immune system! so if you have any health challenges that require a stronger immune system, try una de gato.

Doterra Essential Oils: I am a big fan of using essential oils in your water, recipes, topically and to diffuse them in an aromatherapy diffuser or to vaporize them and inhale them directly into your lungs.  I use the doterra line of essential oils to diffuse essential oils into my home as well as vaporize them, drink them, and add them to chia food recipes! You can try doterra essential oils by Clicking This Link: Doterra Essential Oils

Clearly Filtered water pitcher: This water pitcher is a water filtration water pitcher that removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals and only costs 70 bucks.  I’ve searched high and low on the web for drinking water filters and options and this is the highest quality for the best price I have found on the market.  Not many products on the market remove both chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals and cost under $300, let alone 70 bucks! If you are still drinking tap water I recommend this being something you get immediately to give your body that pure water that it deserves! Remember, 75% of your body is water, if the water is pure, detoxification and the purity of your blood and digestive organs work better.  You can learn more about this pitcher at

himalayan-salt-lampsHimalayan Salt Lamps – Himalayan salt lamps are the healthiest form of lighting for your home and bedroom.  Most homes contain fluorescent lightbulbs, led, white light basically.  The problem with white light is that it’s not natural for your eyes, your eyes are used to seeing orange light, the sunlight.  The closer the light you use mimics sunlight, the healthier it is for your circadian rhythm to function optimally for your awake and sleep hours, along with hormones.   The other benefit to himalayan salt lamps is that they emit negative ions so they help to pull particles out of the air purifying the air.  So you breathe better, your hormones are optimized and you sleep better.  You can learn more about them and the benefits and where to buy them here.

herbalizer-vaporizer-reviewHerbalizer Vaporizer – Vapor therapy is one of the fastest and most effective ways to influence brain chemistry and your central nervous system.  I am a huge fan of the herbalizer vaporizer for this very reason, it gives me the ability to vaporize or use aromatherapy within my home to instantly feel the effects of herbs or essential oils I use it in! You can learn more about vapor therapy and the herbalizer here.

I list other recommended products, cosmetic, skincare, beauty, kitchen, home, books, films and much more in my amazon store here: