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Parasites are one of the causes of many health problems and challenges for many people all over the world including in first-world countries like America, Canada, the UK and Australia. We often think in first-world countries that issues like parasites are not a problem but they actually are. Parasites can effect your health negatively in so many ways. They drain your energy, disrupt your sleep patterns which ultimately affect the quality of your sleep and overall rest. They eat your nutrition leaving your body less resources to work with, effect hormones negatively and alter mood and how you feel overall.

They are effective and manipulating your body (the host) and using what you feed yourself to grow themselves. They are tricky and will do anything they can to survive all the while draining you and your energy.  You may be surprised to know that around 85% of people in first-world developed countries have some sort of parasite in their body. Whether it’s a parasitic worm or another infection that drains their energy and health.

There are ways to prevent parasites though, and thankfully they’re not all that bad! Some are pretty bitter and harsh but if you can prevent (or help to get rid of parasites) it’s totally worth it, trust me on that one. Parasites feed off sugars and carbohydrates so naturally the first thing you can do to prevent parasites is to avoid sugar and eat less sugar overall. This could be actual processed sugar or just fruit sugar. Remember, things like bread and grains are carbohydrates that break down into sugars in the body and parasites can feed of these as well, so avoiding these or reducing them reduces your chances of getting a parasite.

10 Foods & Drinks That Prevent Parasites:

1. Cloves: Cloves have anti-parasitic properties. Cloves are effective at killing parasites eggs which parasites lay in order to grow and duplicate. Cloves effectively stop the growth of parasites in your body so having cloves in your diet and/or clove essential oil as part of your routine in food or simply adding it to water is an effective remedy.

2. Papaya Seeds: Some people say that both the papaya fruit and the papaya seeds are effective at both treating and preventing parasites. To play it safe I would recommend letting someone else in your household eating the papaya and then simply save the papaya seeds and add them to smoothies. These seeds contain anti-parasite compounds and keep your Colon healthy to prevent parasites from staying in the first place. If you have parasites though, papaya seeds are an effective treatment as well.

3. Eat Garlic: Garlic has heating/hot properties which parasites do not like. The nutritional profile helps to keep your Colon healthy (a place where parasites tend to reside most, waiting for food) and help to heat them out of your body.

4. Eat Onion: Onions also have that heat property that helps to heat parasites out of your Colon. Onions keep your Colon healthy and help to heat them out of your body.

5. Eat Kimchi: Kimchi is a asian dish that is fermented. This contains probiotics and other spices that keep your Colon healthy and parasite free. The hot and spicy helps to combat parasites as well as the probiotics to keep your colon healthy and clear.

6. Eat Saurkraut: Saurkraut is also a fermented food, originating from Germany. It’s probiotic rich and keeps your Colon healthy so that it’s an environment that parasites do not want to land on and feast in.

7. Drink Kombucha: Kombucha is a Japanese tea that is fermented using sugar which turns into a probiotic. The tea is a yeast & bacteria base that ferments into a healthy range of probiotics beneficial for your gut health and once again the health of your Colon to keep the environment healthy and not a friendly place for parasites to feast.

8. Use Cayenne: Cayenne has the heating properties that really irritate parasites and the heat in your body makes it an unfriendly place to ‘make camp’ or live if they already exist.

9. Use Ginger: Ginger has those heating properties that those little worms hate, eat the hot stuff!

10. Drink Non-Dairy Water Kefir: Kefir is known as a milk drink with probiotics but you can also get non-dairy water kefir as well which is rich in probiotics which help to keep your Colon healthy and in an environment that is parasite free.

It’s important that if you want to prevent parasites to avoid excess sugar or carbohydrates because these help to create an environment friendly to parasites. Eating plenty of mineral rich vegetables and foods that are hot is a very beneficial preventative and treatment measure. Probiotics are very beneficial as well. Colon hydrotherapy as well as enema’s can be beneficial as well to help keep the Colon clean and healthy.

It’s also important to wash your hands and your feet because parasites can enter your body through your hands or your feet. Using warm water is a great measure to take to prevent parasites. Walking barefoot outside in the grass can allow parasites to enter your body but there are benefits to walking barefoot outside as well so I wouldn’t completely throw that out the window.

Parasites can disrupt your sleep causing insomnia, drain your energy levels, harm your cognitive function and focus, cause nutritional deficiencies and so much more so it’s important to take preventative measures and if you have them to take steps to remove them as soon as possible.

I also highly recommend a supplement called Fiberzon from to my coaching clients because it’s a supplement with both soluble and insoluble fiber which are needed to keep the intestines clean and healthy. It also contains an array of amazonian herbs (from the amazon rainforest) which have very strong immune boosting and anti-parasitic properties.  I personally take this supplement as a health measure and have received a lot of feedback sharing that this is one of the best digestive support supplements many people have taken. It’s a great parasite prevention and Colon health supplement to add to your routine.

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