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Everyone (except for monsanto) is talking about the negatives of GMO foods, GM seeds and the affect on the soil and environment and both human and animal health overall but no one is discussing how gmo foods can actually benefit us. ┬áCan GMO foods and seeds and companies like monsanto create positive change? I think so, and in a not-conventional way, that’s for sure.

In this video I talk about the positive side of GMO’s that no one else is discussing, please watch it with an open mind.

If this message inspired, educated, or encouraged you in any way please share this with those you feel would benefit from it. I think in order to get the outcome we want we must see past the obstacle, and in this case GMO’s and monsanto are a pretty big obstacle, but let’s keep things in perspective, stay positive and talk with our actions.

Live Healthy Wild And GMO Free!

Pura Vida

– David Benjamin