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Tune into this podcast to discover why:

* Modern methods of food & living are unsustainable and detrimental to our health and wellbeing
* Learn why some of the top athletes in the world desire to practice Qi Jong
* How to eat properly, move with function and form and reinvigorate your flexible and strong wild side!
* Prevention and awareness are two of the most powerful tools in your health toolbelt…
* & More…

Tune in here:

Tune into the 56th episode of the Healthy Wild And Free Podcast with Pedram Shojai, OMD is a man with many titles. He is the founder of, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, the author of Rise And Shine (Process, 2011), the producer and director of the movie Vitality, and the upcoming film, “Origins.” In his spare time, he’s also a taoist priest, a doctor of Oriental medicine, a kung fu world traveler, a fierce global green warrior, an avid backpacker, a devout alchemist, a Qi Gong Master, and an old school Jedi bio-hacker working to preserve our natural world and wake us up to our full potential.

The free screening of his film Origins is available for the next 3 days only at this link:

You can learn more about Pedram and his work at!

Thanks for tuning in and living Healthy Wild And Free!

– David Benjamin