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I came across an article today that recommended cilantro as for heavy metal detoxification purposes. While both cilantro and parsley both can be beneficial for detoxifying heavy metals there are also risks associated with using these solely s you’ll soon discover. Based on the research i’ve done and experts who have shared on this subject there are better heavy metal detoxification agents. This may not have been the case 50 years ago but now parsley and cilantro can actually pose a new risk by causing heavy metal buildup in your body as well. This may sound shocking to you, or like i’m coming up with this stuff but i’m not, I’ll get to that in a minute. What you’re about to learn took me piecing things together but it’s well worth knowing and FULLY understanding if you don’t want heavy metal accumulation in your body.

What gave me this understanding was me taking a flight to a health conference in Atlanta a few years back where a speaker mentioned something that grabbed my attention and made me go “What?” and then piece by piece I had to connect the dots to make sense of it all and understand how parsley and cilantro can actually be foods you may want to have sparingly, and definitely not use for a heavy metal detox protocol and for very good reason. There are different factors that you’ll be learning in this article that will educate you enough to make the best decision for you.

He said something along the lines of: “You have to be careful if using parsley and/or cilantro to detoxify from heavy metals because these plants have the same heavy metal attracting properties in nature.”

First though let’s talk a bit about why heavy metals are do harmful to our health and body as a whole.

Heavy metals in the human body cause many detrimental health conditions and can even facilitate in the formation of diseases. Heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and more.

Heavy metals harm the brain, blood, heart, liver, nervous system, hormonal (endocrine) system, your pineal gland and much much more. Heavy metals can disrupt, hamper, or weaken just about any organ, system or gland within the human body. Our body can handle small levels of heavy metals and be okay but once we expose our body to higher levels of heavy metals it can continue to cause harm that compounds. Mercury for example is a well researched neurotoxin and can cross the blood-brain barrier. Inhaling mercury vapor can severely damage the liver, intestines, immune system, lungs and can be fatal in a high enough dosage.

Certain chemicals when present in the body with specific heavy metals such as aluminum or mercury can penetrate the blood brain barrier causing brain and cognitive related diseases and conditions. Many people also link heavy metals in the body to autism because of it’s brain and nervous system suppressant affects that both heavy metals such as mercury and autism both display.

Basically, heavy metals are bad news and the less you ingest the better. The big issue is that heavy metals are becoming more present in our environment (in America at least) than ever before.

In fact, research is showing that with soil samples America has a higher level of heavy metals in our soil than any other country on earth.  This is not good for our health and food that is grown in this soil, especially parsley and cilantro, we’ll get to that in a minute. As you can see in the chart below toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and other heavy metals are higher than the safe range. There are many soil tests online showing heavy metal levels are rising in the soil overall across the country.



How Do Heavy Metals Enter The Soil & Environment?

Heavy metals have become more prevalent in our soil and environment over time. There are multiple ways that heavy metals enter our soil which is then used to grow our food. One of the main ways (which is often debated) is through chemtrails. These are planes in the sky dropping certain chemical cocktails from the sky that also contain heavy metals. You can do more research on chemtrails (and how they differ from contrails) online but this is one way the levels of heavy metals in the soil is on the rise. Another cause is simply using pesticides and chemicals in our environment. Pesticides contain a variety of heavy metals which are sprayed on the soil and if not soaked in they run-off with water into nearby rivers, lakes, streams and land. Beyond this waste dumping grounds are full of heavy metals from consumer products, everything from batteries to light bulbs and these sit, compost and leak into the soil. Every time it rains these heavy metals are spread throughout the land and water sources nearby.

Mining, manufacturing, and the use of synthetic products such as pesticides, fertilizers, paints, batteries, industrial waste, and land application of industrial or domestic sludge also all contribute to heavy metal soil contamination.

The list goes on and on, there are literally thousands of products, chemicals, sprays and things that contaminate our environment and soil with harmful, toxic heavy metals that are harmful to human health.

The Problem With Using Parsley & Cilantro To Detox Heavy Metals

Parsley and cilantro help remove heavy metals from the body by attracting heavy metals to specific compounds within the parsley and cilantro. These plants bind to heavy metals and help you remove them from the body. These plants remove heavy metals literally by attracting these heavy metals to the plant in the gut. This same property applies to nature where these plants grow as well. In other words, while parsley and cilantro grow in nature they attract heavy metals (to be grown into the plant) as well. This means that if the soil the parsley or cilantro is grown in is contaminated with one, or a few, or even multiple heavy metals that the parsley and cilantro contain these metals also.

This means that cilantro and parsley already attract heavy metals to them when growing in nature. With heavy metals in the soil in America higher than any other country in the world and these numbers on the rise each year it may be smart to avoid dosing up in something that can and most likely does accumulate heavy metals. Another option is to simply grow parsley or cilantro in a controlled environment with soil that you know is free of heavy metals.

Eating Parsley & Cilantro Containing Heavy Metals is NOT a Good Detox Strategy.

This means that your body is ingesting a heavy metal chelator that already contains heavy metals. It will lessen the effect of these working to remove heavy metals from your body and actually add to the heavy metal load potentially.

There’s really no way to tell if the cilantro or parsley that you buy from the store (whether organic or not) contains heavy metals. But it may be smart to play it safe and utilize other foods to detoxify heavy metals.

Interestingly enough I found this comment on facebook today in response to an article recommending cilantro to detoxify heavy metals:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12

If you can taste a metallic taste after eating cilantro or parsley, that is a sure sign that those have attracted heavy metals and avoid that batch, source, supplier, grower… completely.

Their soil is not healthy enough to grow cilantro and parsley that is free of heavy metals. Relying Solely On Parsley & Cilantro To Detox Heavy Metals is Not The Best Approach.

It all depends on the soil it’s grown in, and unless you have tested that soil to see what heavy metals and their ppm (parts per million) in that soil you cannot ensure you are getting parsley and cilantro that is free of heavy metals.

Soil rich and fertile that is free of heavy metals or has very low concentrations will benefit the parsley and cilantro. Some metals are simply abundant in our earth as well. Cilantro and parsley can be beneficial, but it may be smart to grow your own in your own soil in your own environment that way you ensure the heavy metal detoxification effects of these plants.

More Strategic Ways To Remove Heavy Metals From The Body

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful and beneficial heavy metal chelator. It contains acetic acid which is known to detoxify heavy metals effectively and quickly. It’s a stronger solution than parsley or cilantro but you can dilute ACV in water and make it a consistent daily action to remove heavy metals.

Make sure that your magnesium levels are adequate when doing any heavy metal detoxification protocol. Magnesium plays an important role in relaxing the body, nerves and arteries to allow for detoxification and removal to take place. Magnesium is a detoxification supporting mineral in and of itself as well. I always have a natural calm magnesium supplement on hand. Over 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium so having a good all natural pure magnesium supplement on hand is beneficial for many reasons.

Essential oils can also be beneficial in the detoxification process to remove heavy metals. Thankfully doterra has certified pure therapeutic grade cilantro essential oil. Essential oils such as this one from doterra (which is pure) are void of heavy metals because an essential oil is only the chemicals from the plant, not the actual contents. The plant chemicals that benefit heavy metal detoxification are in this essential oil, but void of the heavy metals.

Make sure to keep your magnesium levels high by eating plenty of organic green veggies, cacao is a great source also. Take plenty of vitamin C rich foods as this benefits the heavy metal detoxification process also. Drink plenty of water and use apple cider vinegar diluted in water along with a few drops of cilantro essential oil each day to see both short and long term heavy metal detoxification benefits.

I hope you found this article informative, educating and makes you think twice about using only parsley and cilantro to detoxify heavy metals.

Image: pixabay