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Organic Rainforest Herbs

I’m a huge fan of the amazon herb product line. I’ve been taking their products for years but as of recently I have been taking them monthly for a year or so and have really noticed a difference in my health, digestion, mental clarity, creativity, energy and body overall!

The product line is fabulous, they are wildcrafted, all organic and very potent and effective herbs from Peru and the amazon rainforest region.

One of the things that really proves to me (besides my own experience) with the products that the product line is great is that people like Mike Adams from endorse the company, their products and take’s them himself. endorsement from Mike Adams

They have wildcrafted spagyric extract processed herbs, tea, as well as all natural skincare products! I fully endorse and love the products so much that I have even decided to work with them and be a distributor of the products.  A percentage of all amazon herb sales also goes to the ACEER foundation which helps to preserve the amazon rainforest as well as support tribes in this region.

You can learn more about the products and order them here.

Read about the ingredients within the products on the right-hand side of the page to see what each specific product is about and to learn!

I hope these products will be as much of a blessing to your life as they have been to mine.

Have a great rest of the day!

David Benjamin

P.S. Not only does Mike Adams endorse and recommend them, but people such as Troy Casey, Paul Check and myself do as well!

You can learn more about them and order at, or by downloading a free copy of the “Your Supplements Suck” book by clicking here.