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Oats are an amazing food, providing a great amount of protein, fiber, fat and minerals. They contain manganese, phosphorus, copper, Iron, selenium, magnesium and zinc. They are rich powerhouses of nutrients and taste delicious in a perfect oatmeal recipe. I’ve been making oatmeal for years but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I really started playing with the recipe of oatmeal to make something truly unique, delicious and “over the top” nutritious! Which is what i’m sharing with you today.

This oatmeal recipe is the most flavorful oatmeal recipe i’ve ever had and it has a really great taste and nutritional profile. Your whole household will want a bite, so guard your bowl! 🙂

You can adjust the levels of fruit, chia seeds, butter, cacao nibs, protein powder, or any of the variables below to your liking. If you remove fruit completely this can be a paleo/keto friendly recipe. If you remove butter it is a vegan friendly recipe. Adjust accordingly!

Ingredients Needed:

Organic Oats (Order on Amazon)
Organifi Organic Protein Powder: 1 Scoop (Order by clicking here)
1 Dash Organic Cinnamon: (Cinnamon on Amazon)
1 Dash Himalayan Salt: (Himalayan Salt on Amazon)
1 Spoonful of Organic Cacao Nibs (Order on Amazon Here)
1 Scoop Of Organic Chia Seeds: (Chia Seeds On Amazon)
1 Square Organic Free Range Butter (Kerry Gold/Organic Valley)
1/2 Cup Fruit (Frozen or Not) Of Choice! (I use blueberries, blackberries, strawberries & Raspberries often!)

Recipe Step-By-Step – 1 Large Serving:

1. Add 1 cup oats in pan.
2. Add 1 1/2 cup water in pan.
3. Simmer, stir oats and water.
4. Add dash of salt and cinnamon, continue stirring.
5. Add 1-scoop Organifi Protein powder, continue stirring.
6. Add 1-scoop chia seeds, 1 spoonful cacao nibs (or desired amount).
7. Add desired fruit of choice, stir on simmer.
(Fruit is added last to not cook as much, to keep nutritional value bust still be warm and delicious!)
8. Finish cooking until thick consistency, remove from pan, add Kerry Gold Butter. Enjoy!

Serve it up and enjoy! Please share this recipe. It’s going to make many taste buds happy!