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Orange peels are always thrown away after eating the juicy orange, but why? ever think that they can be used in unique ways? Browsing facebook the other day there was an image on David Wolfe’s facebook page that shared by simply mixing orange peels with vinegar you can make a ant-repellent mix.

Looking at all the insecticides on the market, you would believe they all had to be toxic and smell like they could burn a hole through your nostrils in order to work. We’ve all had to deal with ant intruders once or twice in our lifetime and most likely used something on the market that’s not only declaring chemical warfare on your unfriendly pests but is most likely toxic for humans.

Thankfully, I came across this nifty natural recipe that will have your army of ants retreating. This mix can also be used for repelling bugs, cleaning, and more!

Orange and Vinegar Infusion

Ingredients Needed: 

  • Orange Peels (save after eating)
  • Vinegar (organic if possible)
  • Mason Jar (for storing the mix)
  • Spray Bottle (to apply near ants)

Step 1: Gather mason jar or container of your choosing

Step 2: Place orange peels in the container. Preferably to the brim if its a smaller container and halfway for a larger jar.

Step 3: Pour vinegar over the orange peels either to the top of the jar or half way. You can use how ever much your prefer.

Step 4: Close jar and let sit for a minimum of two weeks. The longer you wait, the more effective it will be.

Step 5: After waiting for it to reach your desired potency, transfer 1 part orange infusion to two parts water into a spray bottle. You’re mixing the orange-vinegar infusion with water to make it easier to spray. An example would be 1/2 cup of orange-infusion mixed with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle.

Step 6: Spray in areas where your pesky friends seem to gather and watch the magic work. Use regularly for best results.

Other Uses For Orange Peel Vinegar Infusion:

The mixture can also be used as:

  • Household cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Bug repellent
  • Natural scented drain cleaner (to mix with baking soda, learn more here)
  • Orange cider vinegar (an apple cider vinegar alternative that tastes, well… ‘orange-i-er!’)

You can use as much as you like depending on your task. Heirloom or organic oranges are better for this infusion due to it not containing any harmful chemicals. preservatives or pesticides. The longer you let your mixture sit, the more powerful and concentrated and effective it will be. Your orange and vinegar infusion is a safe and effective solution that is 100% natural and is even safe enough for consumption, although I don’t recommend it.

Important Note: If you do plan on creating and drinking an orange vinegar infusion please understand the following points:

  • Most vinegar is created from GMO corn. You’ll want to buy Organic vinegar from spectrum naturals found here and then mix that combo with heirloom/organic oranges for a orange cider vinegar to drink! Think Bragg’s apple cider vinegar but orange flavored… Yum!
  • Vinegar and apple cider vinegar are created at 5% acidity. When consuming (drinking) orange cider vinegar you’ll want to add a small amount into a large glass of water just like you would with apple cider vinegar before drinking. You’ll feel a strong burning sensation in your throat if you drink it straight! Always dilute with water.
  • You can use this orange cider vinegar as a health aid. Orange peels are beneficial for heart health, anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-asthma. Orange peels are very rich in vitamin c and also contain quite a bit of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and an array of other B-vitamins.

Now you know that you can use orange peels in more ways than one! How to use orange peels for cleaning, health and more! Make sure to store it tightly in a glass jar and save for future uses!