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When you think of Tony Robbins what do you think? Motivator? Talker? Snake oil salesman? Whatever you think, he really doesn’t care. I believe that even if you doubt him he may be someone that can add tremendous value to your life if you give him a shot.

I’ve been a longtime student and admirer of inspirational speakers and teachers such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and the like. They have added value to my life in many different ways and I appreciate their gift and contribution to the world. Some people, such as yourself maybe, may think that these people are a waste of your time and that you don’t need motivation or guidance. You feel like you already have your life figured out.

I don’t know you personally, so I cannot say whether that is true or false. What I can say though is that everyone can improve in one way or another, be it relationships, finances, business, health, communication or being able to take risks again. We all have roadblocks that keep us from the full expression of the happiness, love, success and fulfillment that we desire.

These roadblocks are just as common for me as they are for someone like Tony Robbins, and he knows that. We all have them. The only difference is that the roadblocks that Tony Robbins may have are much smaller than the roadblocks that I may have. Why? He’s proven it in his life, he’s a living testimony. He has focused his life’s work on fulfillment. Being happy, having an amazing career, being in deep love with his partner. He has spent decades focusing on human improvement and human performance and he’s done a damn good job at it.

These names sound familiar? Bill Clinton, Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Dicaprio, Princess Diana. They were all coached or consulted by Tony Robbins.

Emotions and beliefs play a vital and massive role in both your health and happiness. Tony Get’s That.

This is something i’ve come to learn and have discussed with many authors, leaders and teachers on the healthy wild and free podcast (tune in here)¬†over the past few years. ¬†Tony understands this and uses this to the advantage of his work so that his students (you potentially) can benefit from using your emotions for your happiness, well-being and success, instead of against you, like it does in most cases.

His film on netflix, entitled “I Am Not Your Guru” documents just that. The film follows him around during one of his yearly events called “Date With Destiny” as Tony works with individual members of the crowd to help them get past roadblocks and emotional or belief-based challenges to excel in that area of their life.

Take a look at the trailer for the film here:

You can watch “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” on netflix, streaming now! I highly recommend it. It may help you uncover and work through some things in your life that you were unaware were there.

To a happy, healthy, fulfilled life!