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Nutella is one of those things that seem to be a godsend, it’s pure sweetness. It tastes great, but we all know it’s not healthy, it’s full of sugar. So I did some digging and found what is a pretty good alternative to nutella but it’s actually beneficial and healthy for you. It still contains cacao, hazlenut, but is sweetened with coconut sugar instead of GMO sugar.

Nutella contains sugar (GMO), Palm oil, Skim Milk, Whey Milk, Soy Lecithin, Vanillin (artificial vanilla flavor.

As you can see on the label here: Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.27.04 AM

What is also confusing to me is why the label of nutella say’s not to refrigerate or microwave, why? I don’t recommend microwaving anyway, it’s not the healthiest way to heat up food but why is this on the label? do not refrigerate? It contains skim milk, and other dairy yet do not refrigerate? The label is confusing and full of GMO’s.

This product I use is called Rawmio and contains: Raw Hazlenuts, Raw Cacao Nibs, and Coconut sugar. That’s it. It tastes great and is a much healthier alternative to nutella to get that choclate-hazlenut flavor without all the unhealthy ingredients and GMO’s.

You can see the label here:

This is a much healthier alternative to Nutella by a long shot, no gmo’s, and much better higher quality ingredients.

As you can see, it contains less ingredients (only 3) and is a much healthier and much more natural alternative to nutella which contains both dairy (which is of low quality and GMO i’m sure, being mass processed) as well as vanillin, artificial vanilla, along with GMO’s. Rawmio is a much healthier and simpler alternative.  I will say that rawmio isn’t as sweet as nutella, but it’s still delicious, and can be used on many different types of foods.  I’ve had it with celery, straight out of the jar and it would be great with fruit such as apples or bananas as well. rawmio nutella alternative

You can learn more about this chocolate hazlenut spread by clicking here.

Have an amazing, healthy, chocolatey rest of the day! Pura Vida!

– David Benjamin