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As a human being that seeks evolution, to grow and develop in every area of my life I was recently challenged in a way that helped me take a good look at myself, my ideas, philosophies and spiritual self as a whole. It allowed me to learn and grow in multiple ways and through this it also provided clarity to create a spiritual development framework to help understand and navigate through the spirit world. The world of spiritual fulfillment and understanding can be confusing but I believe with awareness and focus we can learn, grow, evolve and develop certain areas of ourselves that were once remnant.

This video explains the three phases of spiritual development that have allowed me to grow in certain ways and I hope it helps provide some clarity for you and your personal and spiritual growth.

Hope you enjoyed the video and like the Seeking, Digging and Building spiritual ideas. The goal is to move from seeking to digging and building, dig deeper, and build bigger, the digger you deep into your soul, your heart, your mind, your body and your emotions the more depth you will discover and find and the more depth you will have to plant a foundation to build something incredible. To build a healthy, wild, free life of your dreams.

The goal isn’t to be perfect, the goal is to improve each day and to continue on that path of conscious growth. Hopefully you are digging and building in your life and continue to do so.

See you in the next video or podcast interview!

– David Benjamin

P.S. Sorry that the lighting in this video was bad, it’s about the message! Hope you enjoyed the sunset… If you enjoyed this interview and idea please share this with someone you feel could benefit from it, or share on facebook for all your friends to see.