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The future is here… Now? well sort of. ┬áMy mom emailed me this video and I thought I would share it with you because knowing what is possible and to know how we can use technology to actually improve our health (instead of destroy it) is quite empowering. This app called “Idoctor” which can do a variety of things to monitor and track functions in your health and body to make sure your health is in check.

As you saw in the video it can monitor and test the following:

* Heart Rate

* Blood Test

* Sweat Test

* Urine Test

* Cholesterol

This is quite amazing to know that all of this can be done on a smartphone now! Imagine knowing and being able to trace and track everything so that you know you are healthy and the tests just give a good indicator that your levels in each area are healthy.

We can use information, blogs, videos and social media to share and spread the word about natural health and leading a healthier lifestyle but we can also use technology and mobile apps to be great reminders as well as interactive tools to help you make better eating and lifestyle decisions to live a healthier and more balanced life.

Use information and technology to your advantage and have these things work for you and your health! Like this post and leave your comments below and share it with your friends… Information and apps like this need to be shared so that more of them are created!

Pura Vida

– David Benjamin

P.S. I plan on creating a health mobile application or two in the future so if you have any health apps you think would be cool or want to see then leave the idea in a comment below and maybe I will create it!