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Turmeric has incredible healing properties. It’s one of nature’s strongest healing spices used commonly in many cultures around the world for it’s array of benefits, especially in aujurvedic medicine. Let’s take a look at the healing properties of turmeric:

1. It’s an antioxidant

2. anti-inflammatory properties

3. Helps aid in digestive processes

4. anti-parasitic properties

5. anti-bacterial properties

6. Cancer prevention properties

7. blood purifying properties

8. Helps heal and clear the skin

9. Aids Memory and brain function

10. Helps Treat Diabetes

11. Helps Improve Positive Mood

As you can see there is quite a range of health benefits and value of turmeric. It can help and support anything from joint pain, to blood sugar levels, cancer, memory and brain function, infections, digestion and more. It’s an incredible spice with so many medicinal values and it makes sense that it’s used in many forms of medicine.
Turmeric paste is a form of turmeric (paired with other plants) that creates a bio-available paste that will be better absorbed into your body. This paste does a few things. Beyond making the paste more easy for your body to assimilate by enhancing the absorption you also get the effects of turmeric longer because the fats in coconut oil slow absorption of it into your body.
You basically get turmeric 2.0 with this paste. It can be used internally, topically and even with your pets as well.

The recipe is simple, just follow the directions below:

The instructions above are easy to follow, and the paste can be made in the next 30 minutes or less and you can always have it on hand for you or your pets, especially for dogs. This remedy is simple, quick and easy to use!
The black pepper helps to increase the absorption of turmeric so that your body fully absorbs the nutritional compounds such as curcumin in turmeric and benefits from them. The coconut oil contains an array of healthy fats that delays the absorption (as well as increases it) so that you get the effects longer than you normally would by just ingesting turmeric by iteslf.
You can take 1tsp of this turmeric paste per day and see how it helps you with any of the above listed conditions. It can also be used topically for scars and spots.