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We’re turning the corner on 2014 and heading into 2015 in a few days so I figured i’d record a video sharing 3 simple habits that you can add to your lifestyle to shed some body fat to start the new year off empowered.These tips are very simple and easy to integrate with your life and there’s no reason why you can’t start engaging in these 3 habits starting today.

Watch the video below to learn what these 3 simple habits are:

The 3 tips are:

1. Drink 50% Of Your Body Weight in Ounces Of Water Each Day.

Example: If you weight 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water each day.

Further Tips: Add apple cider vinegar and fresh squeezed organic lemon to your water
to improve liver and digestive health. Also, drink out of a glass water bottle for various
health reasons!

2. Walk As Much As You Can Each Day

Further Tips: Download a walking app such as pedometer, or any other app that tracks how many miles you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned.
Walk 1,2,3 or more miles each day. Walk in the morning, at night, mid-day, whenever you can!

3. Eat a Large Organic Salad Each Day!

Further Tips: Get a box of organic greens at the store and get organic celery, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado’s, olives, onions, garlic, green & red peppers, whatever suits a good salad for you! Eat a large organic salad each day with a non-dairy dressing for lunch or dinner.

Engage in these 3 habits each day and within one week you could lose up to 7 pounds by simply following this protocol, because it helps to hydrate, and optimize your digestive system to work better overall. You’ll be amazed at what these three simple habits can do.

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Enjoy your day!

– David Benjamin