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Steven Masley, M.D. is a certified physician and nutritionist, author, speaker and award winning patient educator.

His research focuses on the impact of lifestyle choices on aging, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive function, and weight control. His passion is empowering people to achieve optimal health through comprehensive medical assessments and lifestyle changes.

ten_years_younger_dr._masleyDr. Masley is a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida, and he teaches programs at Eckerd College and the University of Tampa. In 2010, he received the physician Health Care Hero award by the Tampa Business Journal. Dr Masley sees patients from across North America at the Masley Optimal Health Center in St Petersburg, FL.

Dr Masley has published several health books, including Ten Years Younger.

His work has been featured on the Discovery channel, the Today Show, plus over 250 media interviews.

You can learn more at and, Listen to the full interview below:

You can pick up a copy of Dr. Masley’s book “Ten Years Younger” by clicking here.

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– David Benjamin

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